Chapter 2

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"Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone?"

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"Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone?"

-Coming Home


-The Vanishing Of Will Byers part II-

Tick, tick, tick. Pine watched the clock. 4:39, 4:40, 4:41. The girl busied herself by sitting down in a chair and starting to draw, once again. Tick, tick, tick. She could feel every single second like a rattle inside her, she could feel the old clock on the wall as if she was inside it herself. Suddenly, she heard a snap. She looked down, her pencil had broken, and she'd been drawing that hard. She looked down to examine her drawing. Unfinished, but, so far, a young boy, from the looks of it ten. He was sitting at the foot of a bed wearing a bloodstained shirt. Many emotions flooded through his face, too many to come up with one to describe them all. Pine looked up, she wanted to know why his expression was so solemn so, she went to the front counter.

"Um, do you h-have a pencil sharpener?" She asked

The boy at the counter looked up from a few unorganized notes he was scribbling down.

"Uh, y-yeah." He said starting to dig through a drawer.

The boy looked around seventeen-years-old, his hair was slightly curly, brown with bits of blonde scattered throughout giving it more of a caramel color, gelled back slightly, his eyes were a warm brown though they held much uncertainty, pain, fear, and so many more things only readable to Pine. Then, Pine realized, as he looked down, distracted by his search for a pencil sharpener, she looked down and studied her drawing, the boy, she realized, she'd drawn him. That boy in front of her but, younger. Suddenly, she didn't want to finish the drawing.

"Um... actually, n-never mind." She said

"Uh, ok."


Just then, a girl walked in through the back of the store.

"Hey, Thorn!" She called

The boy looked up.

"Oh," she said spotting Pine "Hi, I'm Auggie."

This girl, Auggie, had a style so wacky and crazy Pine couldn't describe it even if she tired. Although, it wasn't a bad abnormal, Pine actually liked it. It almost made her smile. Almost.

"Pine." Introduced the younger girl.

"Are you new to Hawkins? I haven't seen you around before. How long you been here?"

"Uh... t-three weeks."

"Oh, you must be quiet. Like Thorn over here." She playfully punched the boys shoulder.

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