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I clicked open the medicine cabinet, looking for something familiar. This place they'd brought me to was so foreign. Sean and Briana had just dropped me off here with instructions to get cleaned up, and then they'd tell me everything.

I was starting to think I didn't want to know. Everyone was so quiet. Silent communication between them with stares and head nods. I shut the medicine cabinet door and yanked open a drawer below the sink.

Axe deodorant? Electric razor? Why would I have men's stuff in my bathroom? My head spun, and I gripped the edges of the sink to steady myself. TLC required all roommates be same sex, so how could my room have guy's stuff? I must have been just using someone else's room to clean up?

"Just think this through, D." I drew in a deep breath. "A demon attacked me. Obviously stole some time somehow. But how long has it been?" I dug into my pants pocket for my cell phone. "Ah, crap. Turned it in to Adams."

I glanced at my arms. "Oh, and not to mention the new ink."

I grabbed the hem of my tank top and yanked it over my head, then turned to face the floor mirror on the back of the door.

I heard a gasp, but didn't remember sucking in the breath. The ink curved around my shoulder and hugged my collarbone, then fine lines spilled down to the tips of what looked to be fingers.

A handprint?

I tugged my bra away from my skin and saw the rest of the hand. The ink wasn't as dark as the vines, it was more of an ash-gray color, but it covered my chest right above where my heart was. I swore I saw it moving as my heart pounded beneath my skin.

I put my hand over the print on my chest and felt my heart thudding against it. The imprint was much bigger than my hand. The hairs on my arm stood on end. Tears stung at my eyes.

"What happened to me?" I stared at my reflection, focusing on my green eyes and wild, red hair. Another little cut on my other shoulder stung, but it wasn't deep. A dark bruise on my cheek spotted my usually fair skin.

I turned around, sick of seeing what I didn't understand. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and cranked the shower on super-hot. Despite standing under the steaming sprays of water for nearly thirty minutes, nothing came back to me. I turned off the water and snatched the white, fluffy towel and wrapped it around me.

I stormed out of the bathroom, followed by a trail of steam, and stopped in front of the dresser. I cranked open the top drawer. Three pairs of black pants and black t-shirts. I pulled a pair out and checked the tag. Size 6.

"So, this is my room after all?" I tightened the towel around me as I scanned the room.

A massive king-sized bed behind me. Covers messed up, pulled off and to one side. Night stands on both sides of the bed. A black t-shirt lay strewn across the desk chair. I stomped over and snatched it up.

The tag read X-Large. I pulled it to my face and inhaled. My heart stampeded against my chest, and my skin prickled. Sweat mixed with a little spice. So familiar to me, but not.

I shook my head and soon anger replaced the confusion. I grabbed my clothes, threw them on, then marched out of the room, not even bothering to dry my big hair. Didn't matter. Nothing mattered until I found out what the hell happened.

How much time had passed? How could I share a room with a guy? Was it Sean? Maybe we decided to hook up and that's why the smell was so familiar to me.

But how would TLC allow us to room together?

A long hallway greeted me as I stormed off to the right after leaving my room. More doorways, all closed and quiet. I turned around and looked back toward my room. Another hallway loomed but one intersected.

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