Chapter 21: Visit my home

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"Jack" I am in my room when I hear someone calling me I turn around and saw zack is standing beside the door"Oh yeah do I have to do something?""No, I want you to go in ken room because we are going to dye your hair "he explained"Why I don't want to color my hair "

" I don't know its just boss order"

"NO!! I love my hair color I can't give anyone permission to do something with my hair"

"You have to, are you want punishment" he said slowly lowering his voice a few octaves which gives me Goosebumps and then he left

I went to hyung room where he is mixing something I think.

"Hyung what are you doing?"

"I am mixing your dye color"

"Hyung but I don't want to"

"Youn know jack I think boss is thinking of visiting your mother and I just think my six sense saying he also take you with him"

"WHAT!are you kidding me?"

"Hyung don't joke around you know how I miss mother and my home"

"No I am not joking you brat" he said cockly

"Okay fine I let you dye me hair if it let me visits my mother"

"HYUNG but what is the color"


"HYUng how you did this to me red is not for boys hair it is for girls hair its girls color"

"Oh please jack I know it looks good on you"

"Okay if you say" I said and close my eyes after few minutes I hear

"we are done"

I open my eyes and look at the mirrior and I cant help to shriek


"what happen jack"

"HYung I am looking someone else what if my mother e fail to recognize me "

"Oh please Jackie your mother can still recognize from afar she is your mother for God sake"

"But I look like bad boy"

"No you look like a cute strawberry"

"I am not cute hyung I told you hundred time"

"Oh how much you denied you remain still cute but also become more adorable "

"HYung stop teasing me" I pout

'okay okay" he said while laughing


"jack" I am sitting in the living room with ken hyung and other members playing with ken hyung when I hear someone call me I turn and see boss standing in the front door of living room

"yes Mr Justin"

"we are going to visit your mother if you want to go, we take you with us"

"WH-A-T" is I am hearing right is this all a dream or my imagination I thought

"Yes ia m taking you with me"

"Ohmy God Mr ken please pinch me if I am dreaming" I said while holding ken hyung hand near my face

"No you are not dreaming jack "

"I quickly stand up from the sofa and engulf him in a hug" I am really excited that I not realize I hug the boss and the body I hug tense with this hug

It is silence for few minutes when I hear a cold voice which sends shiver and goosbumps to my body

"YAH! Let me go "

"Ah sorry am just realliy excited and thanjkful to you for let me visit my mother that I cant control my emotions"

" I Don't need your explaination and zack ready the car" he said in dominant cold tone

"Oh okay"I said and he left I turn around and see all looking at me like I so a big sin they are not only looking at me but also their eyes are wide open and mouth hung low

"Ah sorry' I said to all an then I went with zack toward the car and sit in the car the whole ride is full of silence

"Ah sir we reach there"


Zack open the door for sir and me and then I place my feet on the ground I walk beside them looking around me there is no such changing happen in my hometown but it still feel strange

After 10 minute of walk we are standing in front of a door which I recognize my house I suddenly feel nervous that my mother is okay or not and what is the her reaction after seeing me.

After few bell someone open the door and there is my mom standing I quickly rush toward her and hug her.

"Mom are you alright"

"ARE you okay"

"Did someone hurt you"

"Did you miss me"

"Oh God !is it really you jack "

"yeah mommy" I said while snuggling in the crook of his neck

"Oh my!! are you okay jack " she said while trying hard to not to cry

"Yes mom nothing happen to me"

My baby she said and than start pecking my forhead ,my hair,my cheeks ,nose and then my eyelids. It tickle so I giggle and when I look up her face coverd with tears

"Mom don't cry I am here look" I said pointing at my self and start also crying after crying a river for one hour my mother sat me on the sofa and put her hand under my chin so I look up

"Jack you listen if I said you something"

"Yesh mommy you know I never deny your words"

"Then leave'

"But why mom"

'Because I think you are protective where are you know "

"But wwhat if something happen to you"

"No jack they are behind you I don't know why but they are searching for you and not me"

"But mommy"

"no but what okay do what I say" and then she went to the boss and say some thing to him that I not understand but the boss nod his head

And then zack came near me grab me from my wrist and take me to the car. I am still shock what is happening

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