18. Perseverance

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[Legolas POV]

We came to a stop by the entrance of Lady Galadriel's courtyard. I was surprised that Leane would come here as soon as she returned from the woods, considering the turmoil that she was in yesterday. Even from afar, I could still feel the heaviness of her grief, whatever that may be.

I contemplated if I should leave to give them some privacy. I and Haldir shared a look. From the marchwarden's eyes, it was clear that he wanted to give them some privacy. I was about to follow the Lothlorien elf when Lady Galadriel spoke to my mind.

'Stay here. What you are about to hear is concerning the fate of the Fellowship. Aragorn will soon join you.'

Mentally I obliged and stayed where I was while Haldir continue to leave. Despite allowed an audience, I remained a good distances from them. My elven sight and hearing allowed me to see and hear them clearly despite being a little far away from them.

"Welcome back, dear one," I heard Lady Galadriel addressed Leane. She continued, "How are you faring, child?"

At her question, Leane smiled a genuine smile and replied, "I won't lie to you and say that I am fine, because I know I am not. Not yet. I should need more time to... accept things, but I have faith that I will be just fine," she said solemnly, the latter part sounded more to convince herself than the lady of light.

I marveled at her soft but steady, collected voice. It was so different from the broken wail that came out of her cries and weep yesterday. She was so strong, it was almost unbelievable.

During my lifetime, whenever I thought that there was no more left to learn about mortals, men would always surprise me. Like Aragorn, and now Leane. What's intrigued me the most was the fact that she looked fragile– at least to me, but the amount of strength she showed never cease to surprise me.

I studied her appearance. Her once beautiful dress was tattered. Dirt was found on several places there from her run through the thick forest. I frowned when I saw some blisters formed on the sides of her arms, feeling my mood grew darker at the sight. Her hair was tousled from sleeping on the ground last night, her face pale from fatigue. Her obsidian eyes looked hollow as shadow filled her eyes– it was a look I only ever saw on those whose soul was tortured. The twinkling light that I was so used to see on her warm brown eyes now was gone. But behind all the shadow, I could see perseverance and resolve in her expression.

One could only admire her strength.

"You have shown great strength and endurance, my child."

"Thank you, My Lady. I try," Leane answered, "And... I want to apologize for my actions yesterday. It was uncalled for to leave in such a manner."

"I understand," replied the lady of light, smiling benevolently at Leane, "You were overwhelmed and the memory of your last moments in your world was upsetting. I saw it clearly in your mind and feel it in your heart."

Leane was silent. She resorted to giving the golden haired elf a small, rather sour smile. Lady Galadriel broke the silence.

"Now what say you, after knowing your past and future that you saw on the mirror?" Lady Galadriel asked, curiosity and wariness alighted softly in her blue eyes, "Will you stay, or will you go forward and see that your companions finish their quest?"

"Yes, My lady. Middle Earth is officially my home now, and I shall see to it that it stands, no matter the costs. I will continue my journey with the Fellowship," she answered without skipping a beat in determination.

"I see. But remember, whatever you do in the future: Those who are marked by death is beyond you to save."

I flinched at the implications of her words. Someone in the Fellowship is marked by death... Someone was going to die.

While the thought plagued me, I saw Leane looked down at her feet. It only confirmed my fear. I heard footsteps approaching and was met with the familiar grey eyes of my friend, Aragorn. The Ranger of the North had a baffled look in his steely grey eyes, and I knew he too was listening to the conversation and drew the same conclusion as I did.

"Hard will your path ahead be, yet if you persevere, you shall once again prevail against evil and come out alive, this time," she said looking down at Leane. I frowned in confusion at her words. "For now you shall find rest here in the safety of Lothlorien. Do not carry the burden of the dead with you, dear one," Lady Galadriel said as she turned her eyes towards my direction and back to her.

"Legolas shall escort you to your talan," she announced, much to my relief, "And I shall have a word with Aragorn and my marchwarden."

"Thank you, my lady," thanked Leane as she curtsied. I approached her and offered my arm to her that she took with a smile. I kept my expression neutral as I looked at her despite how painful it was to see her force a smile for my sake.

I escorted her to her talan, letting silence fell on us like a thick blanket. I only spoke when we arrived at her door.

"Leane, I know nothing about your struggle right now," I admitted softly, "But if you ever need anyone to talk to... I will always be here for you," I promised solemnly.

"Hannon le, Legolas," she said as I witnessed her eyes began to well up with an unshed tears. I gently placed my hand on the side of her head and kissed her temple. She smiled.

"Thank you for escorting me."

"Always at your service, my fair lady," I said in a joking manner, delighted that I made her smile. She intertwined her hand in mine and squeezed lightly. My heart leaped with joy at her touch. The way the mortal made me feel was both confusing and delighted me at the same time.

"Go now, pretty boy," she said softly and I reluctantly released her hand. She smiled one last time before disappearing into her talan.

She made me feel things I had never feel before. It was confusing to me. I had never felt so deeply for someone before; I had never cared this much.

The image of her smiling at me despite the mourning in her eyes was imprinted into my mind. That day, I made it my mission to bring laughter to her again.

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