Chapter 1

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Scarlet's POV

Today was my first day at work. I was 18 and found a job at a music shop as the cashier. Yes, I know it wasn't the best job someone could have, but at least it was a start. I needed some money because I took a gap year.

I woke up early at 6:30 AM. I had a quick shower and then dried my hair. I put on my black eyeliner and mascara and then went to get dressed. I was wearing jeans and a Pink Floyd t-shirt. I took some money, my phone and my keys and left home. I lived with my friend Megan, and she was still sleeping. She took a gap year too, but she didn't find a job. Anyways, she didn't like working that much.

I drove to Starbucks first and bought a coffee for breakfast. Then I went back to my car and drove to the shop while drinking my coffee. When I arrived it was 7 in the morning. The shop wasn't very big, but I liked it. It had red walls and had a lot of CDs of every tipe of music. It also sold some musical instrumens; from electric guitars and drums, to violins or saxophones. There was a big variety of music; but of course, my favourite section was the alternative rock one.

I saw a tall girl standing next to the counter. I left my coffee next to the cash.

"Welcome, Mrs..."

"Scarlet Kensington" I said with a smile

"Mrs Kensington" said the shop owner with a smile

She seemed a nice girl. She had long brown hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. She was wearing pink skinny jeans with a black t-shirt and black converses. Simple but cool. She wasn't that pretty, but she wasn't ugly either. She was skinnier than me. I mean, I was far from fat, but I wasnt very skinny either.

"Just Scarlet" I said

"Okay, Scarlet. I am Sarah" she said shaking hands

"Nice to meet you"

"Same here"

We talked for a couple of minutes and she showed me the shop. She explained me what I had to do, too. It seemed pretty easy but I was still a little bit nervous, it was my first day. Later when she finished explaining, Sarah left because she had to do something I didn't quite understand about the shop. I opened and the customers started coming in.

The day was passing good. I was doing well with my work and I didn't have any problems.

Like two hours after the shop opened, a black haired boy with beautiful hazel eyes stepped into the shop. I stared at him as he walked to the Alternative Rock section looking down at the floor. He was... Beautiful. But he seemed kind of sad. I watched him check out some CDs.

He spent like an hour here, but he left without buying anything. He seemed very strange.

*Days later*

As the days passed, I saw that boy everyday at the shop. It was kind of a routine now. He would always come at the same hour, check out some CDs for about an hour and then leave without buying anything. He was always the same. He walked in and walked away looking at the floor and always with the same facial expression. I could tell it was either saddnes or anger. Mabye both.

It was Monday again, and the same boy came in at the same exact hour. He came looking at the floor and headed to the Alternative Rock section, as always. But today, as there weren't many customers-like about three or four-I decided to talk to this boy.

Gerard's POV

I walked into the music shop and headed to the Alternative Rock section. I started to search for some stuff by The Ramones.

This was basically my routine. I didn't have anything better to do. I lived alone at home. I literally spent all my time alone. I had been kicked out from home for smoking weed and drinking. My parents didn't like it and anyways, I didn't have a good relationship with them. When I came to live alone, I barely had a chance to see my brother so we soon lost contact. I lost contact with my whole family and old friends. I had no one.

I kept on searching for some of The Ramones' CDs, but didn't find anything.

"Good morning. Can I help you with something?" a girl's voice asked

I turned around and saw a very beautiful girl. She had kindda long black hair and brown eyes. She had thin  lips and a small nose.She was thin and not very tall. She was just beautiful.

"Uh... No, thanks" I said looking back at the CDs

"Are you sure?" she asked

I turned to face her. I wanted her to leave me alone.

She smiled.

"My name is Scarlet" she said with a smile

I opened my mouth a little bit to say something, but inmediatelly closed it again.

"What's your name?" she asked


"Gerard? Beautiful name" she said smiling

"Thank you. Huh... I have to go now" I said walking away

"Oh, okay..."

I was about to step out when I heard her speaking to me again.

"Have a nice day, Gerard" she said with a smile

I gave her a little cold smile and left. I drove home. When I arrived, I went to my bedroom and lighted up a cigarette. I smoked it while crying quietly. I didn't know exactly the reason why I started to cry. Mabye because it was the first time that someone talked to me in years. Mabye because that someone was a girl. I hadn't spoken to many girls, and none had spoken to me untill today. I felt ashamed and sad. In some other way, happy. But I just could think about the bad side. I was 20 and this was the first time a girl talked to me. I stood there sitting on my bed while smoking my cigarette.

Scarlet's POV

After a long day of work, I arrived home and had a cup of milk for dinner. I wasn't hungry at all. Megan wasn't at home yet. She was at a party or something for sure so I went to my bedroom. It wasn't very big but it was okay. I had band posters covering the walls and shelves full of CDs and books. I had on one side of my bedroom my three guitars and on the other side, the wardrove and a messy desk, full of pencils and notebooks and some sketches. I liked to draw,too. I had one big window with purple curtains. My bed was in one corner of the bedroom. It was kindda big with black blankets and purple cushions. I had a big dark yellow pillow, too. My room was very comfy I liked it very much.

When I went to sleep, that night I could only think about Gerard. I was sure something was wrong with him. He didn't act... Normal? He just didn't act like the other boys. Or like the other young people. I could only think about finding out what was wrong with him, and I was going to. I didn't care if it was hard work. I would find out what happened with him.

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