Chapter 29: An ending

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Hey yes this is the last chapter. :( However there will be an epilogue! At the end of this chapter there will be the prologue/first chapter of my new story... ;P I'm sad to see this end, but I feel like it was time. Thank you for all of your comments and votes!

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“No! Let me at least try. Please.” I finished brokenly. He took a deep breath but hesitantly nodded. “The only reason I’m giving you a chance is because maybe…and that’s a big maybe, you’ll be able to pull her out. I will put a restriction on her so she can’t disappear long enough to give you a shot. I tell you now…if she is unable to pull out of her darkened state, I will execute her. Understood? You will have ten minutes. That’s all I can grant, any more than that, an I will be putting all of our lives at risk.” He told me with a firm tone.

I swallowed harshly but nodded. This was my only chance. Lydia stepped up to me but my glare forced her to stay put. “Do. Not. Talk. To. Me.” I grounded out. She nodded and turned around. She looked guilty, which I was glad. She needed to. After all this is over I hope I never see her again.

“Rub the lamp Gordon.” Kruse instructed. I looked at all the guys then to him before sighing and rubbing the lamp.

Chapter 29:

Isis’ POV:

A chilling laugh escaped my lips as I saw an older man on top of his car in fear from a rabid dog I made him see. The dog wasn’t really there, I just wanted to make him look insane. I let the illusion go as quickly as it came making him look around frantically with sweat running off his forehead. Stupid human, I sneered in my head. Laughing to myself I walked off to find a new victim. I felt sick to see all these happy faces, enjoying the sunlight. I smirk graced my face as I made it rain very suddenly, soaking everyone to the core.

That should fix it. Some kids were crying making me grin. Except one little girl was giggling as she danced along with her parents. I narrowed my eyes at her. Clapping my hands together I made a bolt of lightening strike just two feet from where she danced. Aw I missed! She shrieked and wailed as her parents quickly picked her up, rushing her home. That’s more like it. The streets were now deserted, making me grow bored.

I was tired of doing this little stuff! I wanted some real fun since I’ve been holding myself back for so long. God, I should’ve done this long ago! I felt like the world was my toy to play with. I let my mind wander to the minds around me to see if there was anything I could do to screw up their lives.

Is he cheating on me? No…he says he loves me. Gosh Candice, get a grip, he loves you and you love him. My grinned widened as I thought of a great ploy. I let myself dissolve into a thick black smog and drifted to where this Candice was.

I knew who she was when I saw her since her voice matched her thoughts. Perfect, she’s talking to her boyfriend. From what I saw I knew they have been going out for two years. Aw…how pathetic. I listened on his thoughts. Dude Tyson, just do it! She’ll say yes! Stop being a chicken and pop the question! Oh this is just too perfect!

I readjusted what I looked like, so I was a tall leggy blonde bomb shell and walked over to them. Without sparing Candice a glance I let my pheromones seep out making him instantly attracted to me. It was easy. He would be so turned on by my presence he wouldn’t even remember his precious Candice standing there.

I grabbed the scruff of his neck, smirking at how he shivered and kissed him full on the lips. He was helpless to my charm as he instantly started to kiss me as if it were his last. I heard a sob and smirked into the kiss. I pulled back, pretending to be breathless, “Oh I’ve missed you last night Tyson.” He smiled lazily at me before I grabbed him up for another kiss. I peeked and saw Candice run off. What a pity. Pulling back, I grinned up at him and stepped back, no longer letting my pheromones run through him.

He blinked confused as I walked away. “Sh*t! Candice?! Please come back!” I heard him running after her making me laugh under my breath. I melted my appearance away so I looked like myself as I wandered around. “That was fun.” I smirked to myself. But now I felt bored again.

I wanted to do something bigger. Needed to cause destruction. It was like food and water to me now, and I loved it. I looked to my right and saw a happy family of four in a restaurant. There was a woman and a man, a boy no younger than seven and a little girl who looked to be around three. Aw…they look so happy. I should fix that.

I sifted through their minds and found which car they used. I made myself become unseen as I found their little eco friendly Prius. My eyes scanned the car and began to mess with it. First I made it so the brakes will give out after they leave the parking lot. Then I made I so no matter what they do the car will keep going faster, and then finally I made it so they wouldn’t be able to steer it. Oh this will be fun to watch!

Suddenly I felt a tingling all over. Oh sh*t, I’m being summoned. Aw, and I wanted to watch! They better make this quick. Closing my eyes I dissolved to appear where my lamp was calling me. When I reopened them, I saw two original’s and that Gordon boy. I presume the other boys were in the kitchen of their smell of fear was anything to go by.

“What do you want?” I asked annoyed. I wanted nothing to do with any of them. Gordon stared at me for a moment before looking at Kruse who nodded. I rolled my eyes, “Forget this.” I muttered and tried to leave. Key word on try. I couldn’t even dissolve! What the f*ck?!  I glared at Gordon and stalked up to him. “What did you do?! Let me out of here!” I yelled. Anger burned through my veins. I felt the white hot fire consume my entire being. I was going to kill him. I wanted to.

“Isis please! Come back to me!” He pathetically begged me. I lunged at him, but stopped short when Kruse held me back. D*mmit! “Just let me go!” I screamed bloody murder. I was so angry and it empowered me. Gordon wouldn’t back off though. God, he was stupid!

“Isis, I know you’re in there somewhere! Please!” He begged like he had no pride. I laughed darkly at him. “I don’t want to go back! I was weak then! I like who I am now.” I spoke with a smirk. He shook his head angrily and grabbed my face in his hands. Feelings flickered like a candle in me but I pushed it back by trying to kick him.

“Let me go!” I shouted. Kruse behind me sighed. “Gordon it’s not working, I’m sorry.” Gordon shook his head hastily, “No! Don’t you see what happened?! She felt something, which is why she wants to leave so bad! Please, I still have time.” I rolled my eyes at his nonsense begging. It was pathetic to see. Kruse sighed making me grow that much more agitated.

“Kruse…if you let me go, I’ll make it worth your while.” I purred suggestively. Gordon’s face was priceless! He looked so hurt! Ha! Kruse held me tighter in response.
“Hurry Gordon, you’re running out of time.” He told him. Gordon shook his head and came up to me again.

“I know you can hear me.” He whispered before brining his lips to mine. When they touched it was like a shock ricocheted through my entire body. I felt Kruse’s arms slip away but I didn’t care. I wrapped my arms around Gordon’s neck.

Thoughts swirled around me in havoc. Too fast to make sense. I felt a dim light begin to grow within me. No! I like who I am now! The dark shadow that made up who I was was trying to beat back the light. Gordon pulled away leaving me disoriented.

“Come back to me Isis…I love you.” A dam broke within me as I crumbled to the ground. It was hard to breathe as the darkness was choking me from the inside out. I tried to fight back the light which had now grown. “Don’t fight it Isis! I love you!” I heard Gordon say again making me whimper as the light grew more intense.


“Gordon?” I stuttered as I felt the last of the darkness, slip away. I looked up to where I was on the floor to see him sink to his knees with unshed tears. He grabbed me up in his arms and kissed me hard.

I pulled back after a moment. “W-What happened?” I asked a little confused. Gordon held my face in his hands. “I’m so glad you’re back.” He murmured as he avoided the question. I thought it over and then it all flooded back. Oh God! I broke free of him and had tears cascade down my face and I stood up.

“Oh my God! What was I doing?!” I cried. I covered my mouth as sobs broke through. My back hit the wall as I slid down, because I couldn’t hold myself up anymore. The guilt and grief weighed down on me like a hundred pounds of bricks. I broke up a couple and almost killed a little girl, and….oh no.

“Kruse! I wired a car to lose control and crash at high speeds with a family inside! Oh God what if they already got in?!” I cried. He looked alarmed before I felt him search my head. He nodded, “I’ll go fix this.” He left without another thought. Please, please! Let the family still be at the restaurant!

Gordon started to walk towards me but I held up a hand, “Please don’t come near me.” I said through my crying, “I don’t deserve it.” My voice broke twice. He didn’t listen though as he kneeled down in front of me and pulled me into his arms. The action caused me to cry harder. “It doesn’t matter now.” He tried to reassure me but I broke away from him in anger. “I nearly killed a small girl! I was going to kill an entire family!” I screamed at him. “Hell, maybe I did! Maybe Kruse gets there too late!” I was so angry at myself I punched the floor.

Gordon grabbed my hands and made me look at him. “It wasn’t you-” I cut him off, “Yes it was! I liked doing those things! I wanted to! I chose to give in Gordon! That choice was mine! You should hate me! I do! I kissed another guy! Hate me d*mmit!” I screamed at him. I didn’t deserve his love for me. He stiffened but he still pressed on. Always so stubborn.

“I could NEVER hate you Isis.” He spoke just above a whisper. He leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. I whimpered, but couldn’t help but kiss him back with all the love I had. He pulled back and wiped away my never ending tears. “We will get through this.” Kruse suddenly appeared back making me anxious for what happened.

“I managed to fix their car just before they were done. They’re safe now, and won’t need to worry about what was done.” I collapsed further the floor with relief. Covering my face with my hands I tried to get my head to stop spinning.

“Isis, I-” Lydia started but Kruse cut her off, “No. You don’t get to talk to her after what you’ve done. For the next four-hundred years you will have no powers.” Kruse declared making Lydia gasp. “Oh c’mon! I didn’t hurt her! I just delivered her!” Lydia cried.

“No, you knew he would hurt her. You also stole the powers out of young genies all over to use powers beyond your bounds. You have disappointed your entire family.” Kruse said in a voice filled with authority. Lydia crumbled to the ground but accepted her fate. Gordon brought my face back to his to look at him.

“Isis…I wish you free.” I gasped as a sudden rush went through me. Everything was spinning around me like a vortex. The force of it knocked the wind out of me as I succumbed to it, knowing this was what had to happen. The cuffs on my neck and wrists broke free. After a few moments everything settled. I realized I was now lying fully down on the ground with everyone surrounding me. But I only saw one face.

“Gordon.” I sighed with a feeling of being content. Yes, I was still beyond upset on what I had done, but,…I was now human. Human! I felt a small smile grace my lips. Gordon helped me up. I couldn’t help but cover his lips with mine. I was just so…oh I was beyond words. I was human again!

“Do you feel better?” He asked. I shook my head, but then nodded. “Yes and no. It’s going to take a while for me to get over what I had done, but…I’m human!” I finished with a silly grin. He laughed in relief that I was no longer going to cry right now and hugged me to him. He spun me around making me smile even bigger.

“Oh my gosh Gordon! I’m human!” I said again. I couldn’t get enough of saying it. “I love you.” I spoke with a sigh. He pulled me further into his side. “Marry me.” He said making my eyes widen.

I was frozen and the guys behind us coughed, “We’ll just leave for a sec.” Corbin muttered and ushered everyone into the kitchen. Gordon searched my face with worry. “Gordon…are you nuts?!” I yelled out with an incredulous laugh. He backed away hurt making me look at him with a soft reassuring smile.

“Gordon I do love you. With everything I have, but you’re not even out of high school yet. I know we’re destined ones but we haven’t been together long enough to be engaged. I want you to follow your dreams with me right along side you.” I explained. “I’m not saying no…I’m saying not now.” I clarified. He looked a little more sheepish now as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“I think I got caught up in the moment. Next time you’re saying yes, okay?” He instructed making me nod and laugh. “As long as it’s not tomorrow.” I joked. He sighed and tugged me into his arms once more.

I have lived my fair share of lifetimes. Way more than anyone should. I’ve seen the battles of war, the shedding of blood, and the loss of loved ones. My life has been stretched farther than I ever thought possible, but even in having evil and dark masters I wouldn’t change anything. I have finally reached the time where those times are behind me. My heart no longer beats for me to survive but for an entire different person.

I don’t know what life holds for me now, but I now have a concept of time whereas I never had before. I have someone that will be there for me and with me as I grow up. Likewise for him. We will be there for each other. My life up until now has been no life at all. Just one day blurring into the next. Now I have something to mark time against. Falling in love can change everything.

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