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Moonbyuls pov

On the 3rd day she took me to the river
she showed me the roses and we kissed ...
Can i get in the river ? ...i asked her and she just nodded her head

I took off my shirt and just soaked into the river...Everything was so nice ...scent of roses  was so hard i felt like i was in a heaven...

I closed my eyes and i enjoyed the nature and just me being next the girl of my dreams

She came to me one more time and we kissed,But the last thing i heard was a muttered word as she stood smiling above my face with a rock in her fist

Yongsuns Pov

On the last day i took her where the wild roses grow
As she soaked in the river ,the wind as a thief, as i kissed her goodbye i said
All beauty must die
And lent down and planted a rose between her teeth

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