My Best Friend's Love

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Logan Walton and Alayna Fields are totally inseparable. Ever since he moved to her hometown in the fourth grade, they have been the best of friends. As they grew up, Logan started taking a liking to girls, eventually becoming a player. Alayna had a few boyfriends, but nothing real serious. It is at the end of their sophomore year that Logan realizes something: he is in love with Alayna. Not wanting to ruin their friendship, he keeps it to himself. But when Alayna's dad gets a job offer at work he just can't refuse, what will happen when she has to move to Cincinnati for a year? Logan does the only thing he can do: he tells her how he feels. When Logan realizes Alayna doesn't return the feelings, he promises to still be her best friend, and is there when she leaves. While Alayna is gone, a lot of stuff happens. What is up with Logan not replying to any of her messages? Not having her best friend, she falls into depression. When her dad's assignment is over, they move back...for Alayna to find that Logan has changed. What has happened to her best friend? And why does he seem totally indifferent to her?


This is my new story, My Best Friend's Love. The name might change later on if I think of something more creative. Or if there are any suggestions then I will gladly consider them.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

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