Chapter Four Car Ride

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With you and the other two "villains in training in" tow Kurogiri opened the door to the car. "In" He said with a nod towards the doors. You took a final glance back at the scene that had unraveled within the last few minutes.

After the girl killed Mole, many children were revealed and the headMistress scowled at the girl. She couldn't make a move since the girl was a possible candidate of being chosen. After seeing the outburst of the girl the male with hands over his face simply squatted down and grabbed the man's wrist. He lifted it into the air before dropping it. He chuckled at the limpness in the dead man's hand.

You were snapped out of your thoughts as the earth boy nudged you slightly. When you looked back at him he tried to give you a friendly smile though his brown hair casted a shadow over a majority of his face. Smiling kindly you turned around and ducked into the back seat of the black car.

After you all had gotten into the car the girl closed the door behind her, making the talking outside quiet. You let out a large sigh and looked out the tinted window.

I suppose I am going to be seeing a lot more scenery from here on out.

You thought to yourself before being tapped on your shoulder. "Hi I am Kamalani, thanks for supplying my metal for me" she said kindly. You could tell she hadn't slept in a long time. Her eye bags shined clearly and her eyes were a bit bloodshot. But nonetheless a smile showed on her face.

"It's nice to meet you Kamalani, I am (Y/n). Not like it was intentional, but you're welcome. Thanks for getting rid of mole. Sucks we didn't have more metal, could've taken out the big guy as well" The two of them exchanged glances before smiling and laughing a bit.

"And here I was thinking you were a mute" She laughed out before sitting back against the chair.

"I'm Andrew. Nice to meet you" He said, he was in the middle so he only had to cock his head a bit in order to see you. You nodded and smiled.

"Nice to meet you, you both have amazing quirks." You said trying to start a conversation. But you became quite realising that Kurogiri was shaking hands with the mistress before turning to the car. They took your silence as a que to be silent as well. Kamalani and you stared out the window as Andrew fiddled with his hands.

You heard as the doors opened and the car slump down a bit as the two men entered."Okay children, We have a long car ride back. Don't be afraid to ask for a bathroom break or let us know when you are hungry." Kurogiri was trying to be nice while the grey haired guy kept staring forward. When he received no acknowledgment that any of you had heard him, he faced forward. "Okay then we shall have no stops, if none of you have manners, then you also have no privileges." He began to drive away from the scene of where the three of you had been picked up.

He drove relatively fast through the countryside.

"So whater' your quirks?" Kamalani asked breaking the silence after about an hour. The man who was driving adjusted his mirror and looked back at the three of us.

"I create portals. He can erode with his hands." Kurogiri said motioning to the grey haired guy.

"Hm... Then why didn't we take a portal back?" she asked.

"Because you are not used to using portals, and seeing as this is our first meeting I did not want you to be uncomfortab-"

"Must there be this much useless chatter." the second male said leaning against the window. After that we were all quiet. His voice was weird almost like nails against a chalkboard. He really needed to drink some water.

"We were just talking a bit" The ginger mumbled pouting. You looked at her a bit shocked as a flash crossed your eyes. In a split second the moody male sitting shotgun had swung around and had his hand wrapped firmly around her throat. Four out of five fingers had been used.

"When I give an order indirect or otherwise, you will do what I fucking say" He said releasing her throat as she was shoved back. She breathed heavily trying to fill her lungs. Kurogiri said nothing. No one made a peep after that. It was still better than that hell hole that you had left behind.

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