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@RileyTomlinson: Yes, we are officially dating. I'm so sorry for the fans out there who are not agreeing with this decision of mine. But it all goes down to my choice, and I have chosen the best for me and Bethany, who is going to turn one next week. Niall is an amazing person I trust that he will be by my side till we fade and I really hope that our children might learn something. I know we have broken up a few years ago but that just brought us back together, I'm am totally over with the guys I have dated before, I have got a beautiful human being in front of me that I can rely on. I love you. Your's truly, Riley and the family xxx


@NiallHoran: Brave girl ❤️

@rileypiley: whish you guys a blessed future.

@niallspotato: oh, so that's what's going on...

@niallsbestmate@niallspotato wow.

@RileysFanBasePage: I'm a bit sad though...who's out there that's sad about this news??

@RileysFanPage: @RileysFanBasePage yeah...me?

@harryskinks: poor harry. he has to go through all this shit...

@AnneTwist: Congratulations Riley 🌺

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