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Wrote this when I was like....12. Kinda sucks but I thought I'd post it just because. Hahaha (:

It's from a wolf's POV...

The blood run down my chin,

Adrenaline rushing through my veins,

Wanting to fight the Elk more.

I pushed my legs farther,

Sending me across the forest in a blink of an eye,

In an epic chase after my prey.

I bit at the hind of the Elk,

Making it snort in annoyance and pain.

I grinned, sinking my jaws into it's flesh.

The hind legs suddenly shot out from beneath me,

Sending me flying towards the ground.

I hit the ground with a loud thwack,

My head spun from the sudden hit,

Making my vision blurred.

I lay on my side,

Struggling to keep my head up.

I look to see the Elk running,

Off toward the direction of it's herd,

To be in it's safe haven again,

Away from the vicious killer.

I plopped my head down and groaned in pain,

Sending a sharp pain up my spine.

I winced in agony as I closed my eyes slowly,

Only to see stars with the darkness that overflow me.

The breathe that escaped my lungs was shallow and slow,

My chest rising and falling with all my might,

To stay alive in this wilderness for a while longer.

I heard the breathing steadily come to a hault,

As I felt suddenly happy. Peaceful.

I let out one last hoarse breath,

Letting all my pain escape from within me..

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