**Vode'An Teaser**

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     Plooriod Space, orbiting Corsin

0500 hours


Null heard the voice behind him and turned to see who the man was calling to before realizing, the man was calling on him. He started a little and stopped in his tracks, turning.

"Yes?" he asked, watching the officer quickly approaching him. The man was half waving the data pad in his hand, panting slightly as he slowed down and finally came to a stop.

"Sir, the new recruits are here. There's two of them, in the hangar bay," the officer said, pausing every few seconds to take a breath.

Null nodded and looked down the hall over the man's shoulder. "Thank you," he said, clapping the man lightly on the back before leaving him to catch his breath.

He headed down the hall in the direction of the lift, taking it down three levels to the hangar bay. He'd entirely forgotten about the new recruits. Then again, half the time he couldn't even remember that he was the one running the show now. It was still a strange thing to hear the officers, the Commander, even his own men, call him Sergeant. For all he knew, that title still rightfully belonged to Sarge, but the blind former Sergeant had insisted Null take his position.

                Kriff your crazy bantha butt, Sarge, he thought with a slight laugh. I don't know why you thought I'd made a good leader.

Null knew he was in now was a leader. He was a loner. His brothers were dead, and he'd spend the last who knew how many years of his life alone. He'd gotten along perfectly fine too. Then he'd run across Mirage squad.

It had been a sort of accident really. He'd stumbled across them in the middle of a mission and simply tagged along in hopes of a ride off the planet. He had to admit that originally, he wasn't entirely fond of the idea of being in a squad or even going back to the war he was trained to fight, but they'd taught him better. He still couldn't say he agreed with everything about the war, he quite liked living, and he'd already seen enough people die, but at least he wasn't alone anymore.

"Nope, much worse, I'm in charge," he laughed tensely under his breath. He could get along with not being alone anymore, but he couldn't say he was very fond of being in charge either.

He sighed a little. It didn't matter now, he was stuck with the job, and everything it entailed. Including finding the two newest members of his squad and getting them briefed.

The lift doors opened with a quiet sound and Null stepped out onto the hangar bay deck. He pulled off his helmet and ran a hand through his hair as he strode across the deck, looking for the two rookies. It took a moment before he spotted them, but finally, he saw them standing not far from transport marked from Kamino.

                Great, they're complete shinies, Null sighed internally. Sure, they'd be trained to fight and die if necessary, but he knew from experience that even with all that training, nothing could prepare you entirely for your first day on a battlefield. That and rookies had a bad habit of getting spooked easily.

Null didn't let the concern show on his face as he approached them, though. Instead, he inclined his head a little like Sarge used to, looking both men over as he neared them.

They were definitely shinies. Still, the same crew cut as every other clone Kamino churned out, not a scar on them, in bright white armor. They were standing rigid as Null walked up, both stiffening to attention as he came to a halt in front of them. Neither of them said a word. Null was pretty sure they were holding their breath.

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