Chapter 1

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It'd been 15 years since the worldwide known duet: "Bright Division" disappeared without a trace, millions of fans had put up multiple search parties but came up empty-handed. Soon, many people gave up the search, thinking and claiming that they had either died or retired without the press knowing. They thought the beloved duo would never be heard from again.

Until ten years ago.

Akira Otio's music blared as she typed furiously onto the keyboard in the school library, where her class was being held that day. Her long chocolate brown hair was pulled into two tight braids that fell to the bottom of her back. Her bangs covered her vision, peskily falling in front of her eyes. She scanned the words on the screen as she typed, searching for misspells and errors in the many paragraphs of the book she was writing.

"As the tears fell from her cheek..." Akira thought as her hands zipped across the board.

Suddenly she paused as the tap of a paper ball knocked against her head. Removing her headphones, she caught hold of the snickers and chuckles of the other students. As she picked up the ball, she read what they had written:


The words on the paper stung, like they did every day, so she ripped up the paper and tossed it in the trash.


Sataki Kocumuri, the worst of the bullies, shot out of his chair, grabbed Akira's arm and ripped her out of her own.

"What makes you think you have the right to do that?!" He bellowed.

Sataki Kocumuri was a senior, a year above her thankfully. His hair was woven gold and hung loosely above his eyebrows. His eyes were vibrant green, and full of burning hatred for Akira. Ever since she had shown her face in the small town she lived in, he had entrusted her to be his personal punching bag.

Despite his harsh tone and the fact that he was yelling at the top of his lungs, drawing unneeded attention, she replied calmly, her voice a void of emotion.

"I just think that you need to mind your own business."

Sataki's cheeks flushed bright red as the class reacted to the comment.

"You just got roasted Kocumuri!!" Sataki's right-hand man, Akuski Shio called out. "And by the Sabishi too!!"

She flinched slightly as the words left Akuski's mouth. Thankfully Sataki was too busy yelling at the other students to notice.

"Shut up!! So she made a stupid comeback doesn't make-"

"Shut up. It's annoying."

Suddenly, Kudo Yatimura, Akira's full-time crush, spoke up, cutting Sataki off mid-sentence. Kudo was stunning, maybe even more than Sataki. His hair was chocolate and his eyes were oceans. He was good friends with Sataki, but instead of hating her for some silly reason, he practically didn't even know she existed.

"Who brought you into the conversation Yatimura?!?!"

Finally tired of his every morning tantrum, Akira spoke up again.

"Can you let go of my arm please, class, is about to start."

Sataki growled at this remark.

"Shut up you useless idiot!!"

After saying that, he threw her down onto the ground, laughing at the small " yip" that escaped from her lips.

She hit the ground with a thud and a small sting ran from her knees, she glanced down, watching blood peek from the small cuts. She choked back an "ow" as she got up and walked back to her seat as the class laughed, surprisingly not used to the everyday bullying. As she sat down to work, she thought:

"I wish things would change."

She had made that wish for years, hoping that as the seasons changed, so would everyone else. Sadly, she was disappointed as she was still the main target for bullies.

Later, after class, Akira walked down the hall to her next class but before she could enter the classroom, she overheard a conversation some girls were having by the door.

"Did you watch that anime? It's sooo awesome!"

"I know right? I love the part where he backs her up against the wall...EEEEK I love it!!!!"

"Oh my gosh, I love that part!! Then he like grabs her waist and kisses her...Ahhh I am so in love with it!!"

As Akira listened she could feel the bile rise in her throat and walked into the classroom. All the other girls were into rough romance and making love (as what she called it). Akira found no pleasure in it. Her book was a romance, she loved the romance, but her's was gentle, kind, and not at all rough. She was a little way into it by now and was eager to finish it.

Later that day, as she walked through her front door, she was welcomed with the screams and shouts of her parents arguing about the microwave not working for the third time that week. She sighed softly and walked upstairs to her room.

As she walked down the small hallway, she stopped in front of her brother's room. She choked back the tears that threatened to overflow. Her brother, Tasuki, was the only person that she thought of as family. He ran away months ago claiming he couldn't take all the arguments anymore. It hurt to bring back that memory of her brother standing in the doorway, it was dark out, and then, without a single word of goodbye he disappeared into the night.


She shook her head violently trying to remove the memory.

"OK!" She said clapping her hands together. "Time to get to work." She sat at her desk and turned on her computer.


Night had fallen by the time Akira stopped to take a break.

"It's 12... Dang." she thought, looking at her watch.

Downstairs it was silent, but she knew better than to think everything was fine. Dad was at the bar, probably trying to drink himself dead while mom cried in their room. Tears began to fall down her cheeks and she began to sob.

*hic* "W-why? What did I do? What did I do to deserve this?!" She hiccuped again, sniffling. "I...I wish things would change, I wish things would change, I WISH THINGS WOULD JUST CHANGE!!!"

She wailed until she finally succumbed to sleep, tears still pouring down her face.


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