Clara’s P.O.V

I take the stage after Perrie and Tyler introduce me. I do a couple of exercises to get the crowd as pumped and excited as I am before I start the real shit. Of course, my eyes always drift to Harry, but I try to keep myself as focused as possible. I love performing so much, and having people there to actually watch me do my favorite thing in the world is literally a dream come true. I love it. Let me tell you what my setlist is (I change it up for the occasional cover or two).

1. Cosmic Love

2. Little House

3. Teenage Dirtbag (cover with Calum, usually)

4. Teenage Dream (cover with Tyler)

5. A Twitter/Crowd Question/Entertainment Break

6. Shake it Out

7. Oblivion

8. When I Look at You (cover by myself)

9. Another super fun break of interacting with the crowd

10. Never Let Me Go

11. Tattoo

12. Wings

13. A Random Song Request

You get the point. There's more afterwards, but I'll spare you the details. Anyway, I decide to change it up and have the Random Song Request at the end of the concert rather than just 13th on my long list of "Things To Do For The Concerts". 

"So, unfortunately, this concert is coming to a close," I announce to the crowd. They instantly burst into a chorus of Boo!'s and I laugh into the mic. "Sorry, guys! But I do have one more song to sing! Does anyone have a request?" A sea of hands go up and I'm put to the task of choosing just one amazing fan to come up to the stage. I look back into the nosebleed section and break into a grin when I see a young fourteen-year-old or so girl raising her hand. "I love you all so much, but I can only choose one person, so...Do you want to come to the stage? Yeah, you in the awesome American flag t-shirt with the jean shorts."

Her eyes widen and she points to herself, mouthing "me?". I nod and grin at her. She moves through the crowd in shock and Paul jogs from backstage to go help her through the crowd. In about two minutes, she reaches the stage and I manage to help her up the stairs. She's on the verge of tears and I smile at her.

"Hi," I smile in greeting.

"Hi," she croaks, still shocked. 

"What's your name?" I ask into the mic before turning it over to her so that everyone can hear her response.

"Uh...Lily," she smiles shyly.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Lily."

"You, too," she whispers. 

"So, did you have a song request for me, Lily?"

"Yeah, um...I was wondering if you could do a, um...a duet with Harry? To 'Hey, Soul Sister' by Train?" Lily requests. I look at Harry with raised eyebrows and he grins, nodding eagerly.

"Okay, sure!" I smile. "Hold on one second, okay?"

"Okay," Lily grins, growing more confident by the minute. Harry bounds up the stairs, almost knocking me over with a bear hug before turning to Lily.

"Good request, Lily," he smiles, crouching low and kissing her hand and winking at her. She blushes.

"Thanks," she says simply. I can tell she likes him a lot and that this is essentially a dream come true for her. I run to the side of the stage and drag a stool over, patting the seat so that she can sit down. Then I grab my favorite home-made guitar from its stand, glancing at Eleanor who is beaming at the sight of our finished project. I sling the strap over my shoulder, strumming a chord to make sure it's perfectly in-tune. Yep. Harry kisses my cheek before picking up a mic for himself and placing the other mic stand in front of me. I start the song and Harry takes the first solo, his raspy and beautiful taking my breath away. 

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