Chapter Six

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Freddy was outside of the studio waiting for Springtrap to arrive with his borrowed tools, as he waited, he whistled one of his favorite songs to pass the time but stopped when he saw a dark blue car pulling up into the parking lot, he didn't recall seeing it before, he couldn't tell who was driving it until it parked in front of the studio where Freddy was standing, he went to the other side of the car to see who was driving, the window suddenly rolled down to reveal Springtrap who was wearing sunglasses.

"Hey Freddy, I brought the tools."

"Thanks, Springtrap, I hate to ask you this but when did you get a car?"

"I got it a couple of weeks ago," replied Springtrap as he was getting out of the car "pretty cool, huh?

"Umm...yeah I guess."

"Alright, about this new animatronic, can I meet her?"

"Sure but please don't scare her, she's quite sensitive."

"I promise I won't scare her and by the way, your tools are in the backseat."

Freddy opened the door to the backseat and grabbed the tools, he was happy to have them back, he couldn't trust Springtrap at first, he was afraid he was going to misplace them, those tools were expensive and couldn't be replaced.

Springtrap ran towards the door and kept it open for Freddy who was carrying the box with his tools, Springtrap followed him to the repair room, as they entered the room, they saw Foxy teaching Frexy how to do crossword puzzles since she didn't understand how to do them, Freddy found it adorable but understood that Foxy was helping her out as a brother to Frexy.

"Is this the new animatronic you were talking about?" Springtrap asked Freddy.

"Yeah, I want you to meet Frexy the vixen, isn't she beautiful?" Replied Freddy as he placed the box on the table.

"She sure is beautiful, it's nice to meet you, Frexy."

Frexy covered her eyes with her ears and started whimpering again.

"Frexy, what's wrong now?"

"I'm scared of him, Foxy." Replied Frexy.

"Wait, you're scared of me, scared of this war hero?"

Freddy interrupted the conversation.

"You guys can chat later, I need to continue working on you, Frexy."

Freddy and Foxy began cleaning up the table since there was activity books scattered on it, they placed them back in the box and put it on the side for Frexy to do after she was completely fixed up, Freddy took out his tools and scattered them on the table, he had to make sure he had all of them, luckily, he did.

"Hey Springtrap, you want to help me fix her? I may need a third hand helper."

"Sure, that would be great!"

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