Chapter 1- Name Calling

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Most of my stories are inspired by songs, which I recommend you listen to before reading. This story may mention bullying, abuse, depression and self-harm so if you are offended by any of that, please do not read.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these characters, bar from a few unimportant ones ;)


I lower my head and continue down the corridor.


I slam my locker shut and take a deep breath.


Tears stream down my cheeks. Why are they so mean?


I briefly think about the papers I found this morning.


Shaking my head, I creep past the lunch hall and sprint down the East corridor. It's quiet here.

There is no noise, no drama and it thankfully lacks certain verbally abusive assholes.

The walls are painted with dirt and spit from the soccer team, so not many people hang out here. Just me...

See, my name is Thomas Hiddleston. I'm fifteen. I live in LA with my sister and nephews.

And that's all there is to me, really.

I don't have any friends here or any specific talents I should be proud of.

I pretty much just exist. And sometimes I wish I didn't.

To be honest with you, I don't even belong here.

Three years ago, I was taken away from my parents because of the bruises. I miss my mum and dad, which I suppose is normal.

I don't think what they did was wrong.

I made them angry, you know? I deserved to be punished.

"Good morning, Tom," My Physics teacher yanks me from my thoughts as I shuffle into his classroom... half an hour early. "Rough morning?"

"Is it ever not?" I whisper back. I slam my books onto the table and lower my sore body onto the seat. "I was running from Jeremy Renner and his goons since Maple Street. I can't feel my legs."

"Their power over you is temporary, kid," Mr Jackson sighs. "They don't like people who are different-,"

"I'm different?"

"Oh yeah," Mr Jackson smiles and ruffles my dirty blonde hair. "You're a special young man, Mr Hiddleston. And it saddens me you don't see it,"

"Yeah, well, people don't exactly make it clear," I roll my eyes and dig out my earphones. "Do you mind if I listen for a while?"

"Do whatever you want, boy. I don't care,"

People think Samuel is a bad guy but I know he isn't. He's just grouchy and short tempered. I haven't seen the man crack a grin since Year 7... or should I say 6th Grade? But he treats me better than everyone else.

"Awesome." I shuffle my play list and lean on the desk.

Lost and insecure

You found me

You found me

Lying on the floor



Why'd you have to wait?

Where were you?

Where were you?

Just a little late

You found me

You found me...

The songs I listen to reflect the way I feel so magnificently.

Well, not magnificently. No, I don't feel magnificent.

The songs I listen to reflect the way I feel so horribly, which is probably why the best band in the world to me is The Fray.

I feel like nobody else here even knows they exist. Same

A sudden, jarring pain shoots through my shoulder and I gasp, snapping my head off the table.

I almost head bounce Jeremy, who's leering at me from above.

"You outran us, runt," he growls, forcing my head back onto the table. I squirm but it does nothing. "You'll pay for that,"

Then his weight leaves me and I wheeze, immediately yanking the sharp object from my shoulder.

It's a green pin with a crumpled note attached to it.


How lovely.

I shred it into tiny crumbs and dump the remains onto the floor.

My white cargo shirt has a spot of blood on it but it doesn't matter.

It never does.

Mr Jackson looks furious but I just drop my gaze and try my best to ignore the sniggers and insults.

"It'll get better," I tell myself, like I have been my whole life. "One day, somebody will love you."

The song here was You Found Me, by the Fray.

Hope you're enjoying it so far! Let me know what you do and do not like :)

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