Chapter 1

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*Hawkins Indiana 1983*-The Vanishing Of Will Byers part I-

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*Hawkins Indiana 1983*
-The Vanishing Of Will Byers part I-

Pine sat silently in the passenger seat of her foster mother, Ruth Johnson's, green V. W. Bug, looking out the window, looking but, not seeing. Pine has a tendency to zone out regularly, even more so since she moved to Hawkins Indiana three weeks ago. Despite being in Hawkins for that long, Pine hadn't made any friends and not very many acquaintances. Being twelve years old she had to go to school and, that's where she was off to now.

"Pine." Ruth said, but went unheard so, she repeated herself "Pine."

Pine looked over, her attention just barely caught. She always seemed, distant.

"We're here." Ruth said

Pine looked up, for the first time, taking in her surroundings. There was a big brick building with big blue letters painted on. Hawkins Middle School. Kids were everywhere, running, walking, jogging, and some even standing still, every which way. Quickly she opened the car door, grabbed her backpack, got out, and started walking. She didn't pay any attention to the fact she had absolutely no idea where she was going. It was the first day of school but, only for Pine. She was starting late. No one had shown her where to go and, no one wanted to. The second she stepped through the front doors of Hawkins Middle School all eyes were on her, or so it seemed. It always seemed that way. I'm reality barley anyone was even looking in her general direction.

Pine somehow made it to her first class before the bell rang but, didn't go unnoticed as she had hoped. The teacher came up to her as everyone was getting settled.

"Hello, you must be our new student. I'm Mr. Clark." The brunette teacher with a handlebar mustache introduced, shaking her hand, and after a few moments of no response, he asked "What's your name?"

"Pine." She replied

All the students were seated and whispering amongst themselves. Some had their eyes on Pine but, most just talked. No one really knew who she was yet but, she was sure someone would spill her, not so secret, secret. Soon everyone would know.

"Hello class!" Mr. Clark greeted, all eyes landing on him "Dustin, drum roll," a boy with curly brown hair started pounding on his desk "Class, please welcome, all the way from New York City,! The latest passenger to join us on our curiosity voyage! Pine Knight-Johnson!"

The drumroll stopped. Pine was very uncomfortable with all this attention, though, not unused to it.

"Pine, tell us something about you." Mr. Clark said

"Um..." Pine tried to think. There was nothing worth mentioning about her except the stuff she wasn't going to say. Hi, my parents were murdered when I was eight by a creepy dude, then I was the prime suspect. Oh! Don't forget I have anxiety and anger issues! She definitely wasn't saying any of that. So, she just settled on "There- uh... isn't much to tell."

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