“Umm.. basically it was a hamster who I had named Hamster” says Harry as Louis and Niall laugh loudly.

I was sitting in the hall with the boys and Harry was cracking some joke. I leaned back more in the couch where I was sitting and pulled my legs closer. After having that fantastic char grilled burger I was feeling a bit drowsy. Louis was sitting beside me while Zayn was sitting on the carpeted floor, his back leaning on the bottom of the couch with his legs sprawled infront. Liam sat Indian style beside him and Harry was seated on a bean bag opposite them. Niall was munching on a bag of chips sitting on another bean bag. I wonder how much can this guy can eat at a time.

“Harry.. no not the Hamster story again” Zayn groans.

“Yeah Haz we’ve heard that like a hundred times” Liam agrees.

Harry ignores them as he starts telling his childhood adventures which he had with his pet. After he completes his story the boys start discussing something about their next tour which is in a few weeks. In order to kick off the sleep I get up from the couch and collect the plates and head into the kitchen. As I keep the plates in the sink. Zayn's mum comes in to get some water.

“Oh hello Mrs.Malik” I say.

“Call me Trisha” she says as she reaches into an overhead cupboard and grabs a glass. She turns towards the fridge and grabs a bottle of water while I awkwardly stand there wondering whether I should stay there or just walk out. I arrive on the conclusion that walking out would be rude so I continue standing there playing with the hem of my shirt.

“Zayn is a good boy” she says.

I look up confused, trying to figure out where this is going. She doesn’t seem to notice the look of confusion on my face as she continues

“He shows that he’s a bad boy and he doesn’t get hurt. But under that big bad boy facade is a very loving and sensitive heart. Once he commits to something he gives it his full. He always keeps his guard up and your the second girl that he’s ever got home after Perrie. He’s very mature for his age. If he loves someone he will go to any extent to make that person happy. I know that Perrie is his girlfriend and she’s a very sweet girl. Zayn will never cheat on her. But you, you Eliza are special for him. I’ve seen it in his eyes, the way he looks at you. Just be careful... ok..he’s been through a lot......don’t break my son’s heart” she says as she leaves the kitchen while I’m left standing there.

 I walk back slowly towards the hall and stop at the entrance. I see Zayn laughing about some something. It’s not a grin or a smile but a full hearty laugh. I look at the others and find them reflecting Zayn’s expression. I’ve never seen Zayn so happy before and then I realize that these 4 boys, they are his life. Suddenly Trisha’s voice echoes in my mind and I wonder am I leading Zayn on..? I shake my head at how ridiculous the idea sounds to me too, why will Zayn a superstar be ever interested in plain Jane me. And he has an equally beautiful girlfriend. I’m sure by ‘special’ Trisha meant special friend nothing more.


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