"Why are you calling the police?" He kept his voice calm and even, in spite of the worry that was gnawing at his insides.

"I thought you heard. Sonora is still missing," Azurine said. Devon could see a mother's fear in her eyes. He had heard it was the strongest there was, the fear of a mother for their child. He could not confirm that as he had never had a mother/child set in his lab. It did make him wonder though.

A second look at her wide blue eyes revealed this was more than a usual panic because a child had been out of sight for what was deemed too long. Where it was or not, Devon could tell, for Azurine, this was very serious. And that could mean trouble for him.

"Missing?" Devon said, "I thought she was with her friend, Melly."

"Kelly. And no, she wasn't. I know she's not a child, but I haven't heard from her in over 24 hours, that's not like her. You know it isn't, Devon."

Devon did know. These were good girls, who didn't like to worry their parents. Sonora would've called. Hearing how long it had been, he tensed, and his words were sharp as he said, "So the last time anyone in this house talked to her was yesterday morning?"

Together, Sierra and Azurine nodded, tears threatening to spill.

Devon stood so fast his chair danced behind him as he shouted, "My God, people, what is wrong with you? Why did you wait this long?"

Looking at Mike, Devon wondered what the man's problem was? Didn't he know the terrifying things that could happen to people? He started to rapidly pace the room unaware of the shock on their faces.

"I'll go to the restaurant where she works and trace her steps," Devon said. "Give me an hour before you call the police."

Mike nodded. "Good idea. I'll check the businesses around here."

Devon agreed though he wondered if Mike would be doing anything now if he hadn't initiated it. That man has always been entirely too relaxed for my taste.

Devon strode out of the house before he realized that his outburst would seem uncharacteristic and cruel to them. Those were usually reserved for his secret lab, and when he was very emotional, at home.

Cursing himself, he ran back into the house and hugged Azurine. "I'm sorry, so sorry. I'm just frightened for our little girl."

Azurine nodded as she clung to him. "Please, find her."

Spotting his wife as she stood with her arms crossed by the door, he ordered, "Claire, get in the car."

Without a word or hardly a breath, he sped along the long, flat roads. It wasn't long until he reached Sonora's place of employment. Running into the restaurant, he tracked down her boss, who told him about Sonora's rough day at work. 

His hope was fading when a quick round to the employees yielded nothing about her whereabouts after her shift. Everyone saw her get in her car and drive away, that was all anyone could tell him.

 So where did she go?

Turning away from the employees, he looked out the window. In the distance, he saw a little speck of blue ocean. There, he thought, there is where she went.

Devon ignored all traffic laws as he rushed to the shore, his sweaty hands gripping the wheel. Half-expecting to hear the wail of a siren behind him, he was surprised he made it without getting pulled over. His tires squealed as he turned into the parking lot. When he spotted Sonora's car, he swung into the spot beside it. 

Jumping out of his car, he examined hers. He heaved a sigh of relief that it seemed undamaged. Studying the inside, he saw nothing that appeared odd.

Waving to Claire to follow him, Devon ran to the beach, stopping as he reached the edge of the sand. His gaze traveled from one side of the of the golden-colored ground to the other as far as he could see, as his heart thumped in his chest. Beach-goers were sparse today. It was easy to see Sonora was not here.

Bringing a picture of her up on his phone, he started with person closest to him and asked if they had seen Sonora. Devon continued through almost all of the people on the beach without success. Lastly, his face downcast, he crouched down to a young girl and her mother as they played in the sand.

"Yes," the mother brightened as she said, "I saw her when we were here yesterday. She was suited up for snorkeling and headed out that way." She pointed out to the north side of the ocean. The realizing what that could mean, her eye widened, and she mouthed 'sorry' over the small girls head.

Devon and Claire exchanged a devastated look. Devon's stomach rolled, and he reached for his wife's hand. Devon knew that Claire thought the girl had drowned in the ocean, but Devon had a deeper anguish.

Was it them? Did the Atlantians know it was him and taken his niece in retaliation? If they did to her even a small portion of what he had done to them, that would be far more torturous than any death she would have had in the waters of the sea.

Chills ran through his body as he imagined all the torments his young niece could be enduring. 

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