The Mission's Aftermath and Their Banter

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3rd PoV

"Matteo!" Koro exclaimed in alarm as he saw blood seeping out of Matteo's suit.

Said man just coughs out blood. "C*zzo..." he breaths put heavily.

"Don't move. The explosion hits you the most and you're loosing blood" Koro said kneeling beside him.

Just as he was about to put a cloth on his wound, Matteo stops him.

"N-No, I'm fine. Just a little wound" he said.

"This little wound doesn't make you cough blood, don't be stubborn!" Koro said.

"No! There's no time!" Matteo stubbornly refuses and stands up surprisingly fast.

Koro followed holding a hand on his back so he won't stumble.

"Go to the other room, there's a file there. You need that. Then escape I'll hold them off with Hibari" Matteo said, his hand onto the gun on his waist.


"JUST GO!" Matteo shouts.

Koro hesitated but soon nods and runs to the other room. With panic he searches for the file.

Upon opening the first cabinet, it was there. The file.

He made a move and snatched it quickly before returning back, in time to save Matteo from an enemy who's ready to shoot down his head.

Koro moves fast and grabbed the muzzle of the gun before snatching the enemy's other arm with his other arm separating the enemy from his gun.

He pulls the enemy towards him and headbutts him in the head.

"I found the file! Let's go!"

"Go! I'll distract them!" Matteo said, narrowly dodging a bullet.

"But your wound—!"

"The file is more important than me in our mission and you need to get that—" he points at the file, "—to your boss! Go now!" Matteo grunts as a bullet pierced his shoulder.

Koro didn't budge.

Upon seeing this, Hibari 'tch'ed and pulled Koro by the shoulder.

He kicks a man towards the wall creating a hole and went through it.

"Come on Carnivore!" Hibari said although he too doesn't want to leave Matteo alone.



The whole building explodes and the two covers their faces with their arms.

"Sh*t..." Koro muttered as debris fall down on the ground.

The two stares as the building's last pieces crumbles down. They breath heavily.


Heaviness fills their chest, the feeling of losing someone albeit not close makes their chest ache.

"... Let's go" Hibari said turning his back to the crumbling building.

"... Ah(Yes)."

—Time skip.

Three days later, Hibari and Koro return to the mansion.

Koro knocked on the door.

"Come in" They heard Tsuna said. But her voice was a bit different, it sounded rough.

Opening the door, the two men saw her talking to Gokudera, the man was happy to reply.

"Oh it seems thats they have returned. Come Koro-sensei, Kyoya, have you two found something?" Tsuna said reverting her attention to the two newly arrived men.

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