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After Jasper left it was around 2am, I was by the door after he left. I went into the kitchen and grabbed some left over Alfredo from a few nights ago, put it in the microwave and took it upstairs, sitting on my bed as I ate it.

After I ate I went to bed, and stared at the ceiling. Tommorow my life would completely change, tommorow I would walk the stage, tommorow I would begin my immortal life.

Tommorow I would be begin my immortal life, and to be honest I was terrified. After thinking for awhile my eyes started to water.

I wanted to be with Jasper more than anything, he was the love of my life. I wanted to be with him and immortal life promised that but it also promised seeing my dad die.

I was still staring up at ceiling when I heard a thud downstairs, I silently opened my door and steered down the stairs. On the floor I saw two people making out roughly, they're quieted moans occasionally coming out.

"I think I'm falling in love with you." I heard a voice that I recognised as my dad's say before they quickly went back to kissing.

"..who's this?" I asked as I clicked on the light, and came out from behind the staircase.

"Clove sweetie you weren't supposed to hear that." He stated quickly coming up to me before I backed away.

"Obviously." I responded lowly backing myself into the wall. Dad came closer and closer till I started to get anxious, I turned the corner and ran up to my bedroom before slamming the door shut.

I locked it and grabbed a back pack putting everything I need in it such as my charger, cap and gown, phone and some pajamas and other clothes while my dad banged on my door to let him in.

I picked my phone and hit Jasper's contact waiting three rings till he answered, "Jasper, Jasper something is going on I need you to come pick me up."

"Clove calm down, breathe in and out and I'm on my way." He reminded me before hanging up, I finished up packing my backpack trying to follow what he said, Jasper knew how to handle my panic attacks really well.

A fee minutes later I heard Jasper's motorcycle come up, I opened the window and threw my backpack to the ground as Jasper came to it holding his arms up.

"Jump Clove I'll catch you." He promised as I sat myself on the ledge of the window.

"Promise?" I asked looking down at him with fear in my eyes.

"Promise." He repeated before I jumped down and felt Jaspers arms catch me and pull me into a breath stopping hug.

I ran towards his motorcycle, getting on behind him with my backpack on my back. My arms looped around his waist, holding him tightly trying to forget the events that just occurred.

It didn't take long to arrive to his house, but once we got there he got off his bike and turned to me grabbingy face in his pale, calloused hands.

"Clove, what happened?" He asked lowly trying to calm me down. Instead of replying I jumped and threw my arms around his broad shoulders.

"..Just don't let me go." I mumbled into his shoulder, feeling his arms go around my waist and hold me to his cold body tightly.

In attempt to lighten my mood he pulled me to where my toes were off the ground and spung me around making me giggle.

"Come on we can talk about this up in my room." He stated as we entered the house, we passed the family as we went up the stairs and I sent a small smile to Rose.

"Here sit." He purposed, kneeling down infront of me grabbing my hands in his own after pulling hair behind my ear.

"Clove I need you to tell me what happened." He questioned looking up into my eyes as they started to water.

"I heard rustling downstairs so I went to go check it out, I saw my dad and this random chick making out, I knew I shouldn't have reacted this way.. it's just too soon."  I cried as my tears spilled over and ran down my cheeks.

"What else?" He wondered his hand coming up to my cheeks wiping away my tears.

".. I feel stupid, I feel upset he didn't tell me. I don't know what to do Jasper." I sobbed as Jasper got up and sat on the couch, pulling me to his chest.

"Everything is gonna be okay." Jasper soothed into my ear, his hands rubbing up and down my back.

(A/n- okay so I've made a lot of edits in word choice, grammar ect. So if you want go check it out!)

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