Part one: The first school day

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Skylar' s Pov
Hello people who magically stumbled over this story, I am Skylar Smith gang leader, badass, drug dealer. I may seem like the typical bad girl that just sleeps around and party all the time well I'm worse. I am the gang leader of the black shadows. The gang is number one of the most dangerous gangs in America. I've have been the leader for almost a year now. And because I'm the leader I'm of course rich but I don't actually care. Some people just use me for my money. 

So may think 'wow she must have many friends.' Well let's talk real no one actually is your 'friend'. I only trust like two people and I plan on keeping it that way. And they are my best friends Tom and Rose they are my best men/Girl in my gang. Of course I had to move because one of my so called 'friends' found out that I'm the leader of the black shadows and of course killed him for safety reasons.

 The first time I killed someone was in one of my street fights I was 13 and I didn't mean to kill him. now I'm 16. My dad showed me how to fight. Well now I'm on my own I've been alone since I was 14. Well technically I've never been alone like I have Rose and Tom but they are like a couple so they always hang out without me. But now since I'm 16 Rose is forcing me to go to school because she wants me to "succeed" in life,  and I'm like bitch wtf  I'm the leader of a fucking gang and not just any gang the black shadows. And she tells me that's not successful. Well yeah I could probably do better but still I don't want to go to school. I am actually really smart though I finished high school in 6th grade. Wait did someone just call my name. "Skylar come on your going to be late!" Rose yelled running up to me.

"Do I have to go?"I yelled back at Rose who was going into my room with out knocking. "Yes of course you have to go and if you don't get dressed your going to be late"Rose said finding my favorite black leather jacket which I got from my dad and it meant a lot to me, she also found a white t-shirt and a high waist pair of pants and some converse. (Picture.) "Can I at least get to eat breakfast" I said with puppy eyes, I don't know why I beg her but I do. "Fine! Why do you have to have such cute eyes. It is so unfair." she said. "Yay! I win." I said a little childish but you can't blame me. 

I got dressed then I opened my window and saw that it was sunny outside. But I also saw that the neighbors had a window right besides me. But I didn't actually care. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I at breakfast quickly then I just drove of to my new school In my Lamborghini ( I know I said that I didn't care that I was rich but this was actually a present from Rose.) and the music is on full. I love singing in my car and since Rose is to old for high school I can sing, I hate singing in front of people so then I can just jam out when I'm alone.

 I don't think I have a good voice but I don't care actually if I hear complaining I will shoot them no matter what. I always carry a gun since I'm the leader even though just the must trusted gang members knows who I am because we live in a sexist world and they wouldn't like me being their leader just because I'm a girl. I will never tell anyone who I really am but I don't care I only told Rose because I've known her my entire life she's like a sister to me and I told Tom because he and Rose were together and I couldn't let her keep a secret like this from him. 

I arrived at the school, I parked in the front so that I didn't have to walk to long.. A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes come up to me."Hi! I'm Julia I'm supposed to show you around." She said smiling she seemed nice. "Okay." I said even though I didn't even want to be here but Rose is my legal guardian so she would know if I skipped class. "Do you want to eat lunch with me and my friends?"She asked while we were walking in towards the school."Okay"I answered it couldn't be that bad to have lunch with them then I wouldn't look like a loner either way. 

People began to run towards the schools parking lot I was inside the building by the way. We were running just to follow everybody. "What's happening?" I asked curious "Cayden is probably just fighting some kid." She answered obviously not catching on that I need more information than that ."Who is Cayden?" I asked trying to figure out who he is. "He is the towns bad boy. He have sent so many people to the hospital, he even beats girls I've heard."  She said trying to look at what's happening in the fight. "Okay why isn't anybody stopping It?" I asked because in my former school's the teacher would stop you if you as much as laid a hand on someone. "nobody have the guts to stop him not even teachers." " He is beating the guy pretty bad, I think I'll go help the kid." I said going through the crowd. I may be a ruthless gang leader but I will stand up for people."No you'll get killed" Julia yelled at me. Wow she didn't have faith in me at all. "Just to say it like it is, I'm not the one who should be scared of dying." I said walking through the crowd. When I finally got through the crowd I saw the guy looking half dead on the ground, he could not be there much longer without passing out. 

"Stop fucking hitting him!" I yelled towards that Cayden guy. He clearly didn't hear me so I yelled once again. "Stop it right now or you will regret it!" I threaten, He stopped and laughed, fucking laughed. "What could possibly a girl do to me." I got pissed and punched him right in the mouth he got up and looked at me "Your going to regret this." He was clearly pissed he swinged his punch and punched me right in the mouth. I fell to the ground because I wasn't ready for it to be that hard. The snipers was ready to shoot but I gave them a sign not to. I of course have snipers they are the people I trust the most after Rose and Tom. I gave Cayden a left hook right in his nose, I then swept his feet of the ground. He fell to the ground with a thud. Then to finalize it, I punched him with enough force to make him pass out. 

"What's going on here?"  I heard a voice behind me yell.

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