Chapter Forty-Eight

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Justin's POV

"So, our gangs remain well hidden, and I'm very pleased about it." Jacob, the leader of the Golden Hawks, nodded at the large table filled with gang leaders. I rolled my eyes, leaning back in the leather chair. This meeting was so fucking boring. I could be at home with Brooke right now.

"I would now like to invite Nathan up to speak about a few large warehouses that are newly discovered." Jacob explained, and Nathan stood up with a smile.

"The brand new warehouse on seventh street is absolutely incredible. I advise everyone to head up there-" He was cut off by my phone blaring it's extremely loud ring-tone. I cringed, whipping it out of my pocket.

"Princess, I can't talk right now I'm in the middle of the meeting." I hissed quietly. Any other day, I would love if Brooke called me, but not now. Everyone in the room was fucking staring at me, and I hated it.

"J-Justin," I heard her sobbing, causing my heart to drop. "You - you have to come home. Paul has come to take me away p-please Justin I'm scared he's going to take me." My eyebrows immediately furrowed, and I sprang up from my chair. Paul? That nosey motherfucker from Shaun's gang? What the fuck did he want? Is she playing games with me?

"What the fuck? Brooke this isn't funny if you're trying to mess with me." I growled. I wasn't in the mood for playing any games. This caused Brooke to cry harder.

"Of course I'm not fucking messing with you!" She screamed. I flinched, I've never heard her so. . . demanding before. I faintly heard pounding footsteps, and Brooke's cries became more consistent.

"Brooke don't run from me, I'm here to take you home!" A male's voice came through the speaker. A slight bang sounded, almost like the phone was hitting the floor. My heart started to race, and I found myself panicking.

"Who the fuck was that?" I yelled loudly. "Brooke?! Brooke fucking answer me!"

I heard another bang, and another quiet voice; "O-oh my God, are you okay?" My eyes widened, and I quickly picked my jacket up from the seat. I raced towards the door, until Jacob's voice halted me.

"Mr. Bieber? Where are you going?" He asked, confused.

"My precious claim is in trouble," I said quickly. I felt like I couldn't breath. I felt so fucking stupid of accusing Brooke that she was messing with me.

A few men nodded sympathetically, but Jacob remained with a hard exterior. "This is an important meeting, Bieber. I'm sure your sex toy can wait."

My jaw clenched, "Excuse me?"

"Sit down, Justin." He scoffed. I had no idea why he was acting so authoritative. They were lucky I even showed up to this pathetic excuse of a meeting. I could take them all on single handedly. The only reason I bother coming to these meetings is to make sure I'm still the strongest force. I suppose Jacob had to be reminded of that.

"It's fucking Mr. Bieber to you. I can have you killed in the snap of my fingers, so I suggest you don't upset me. This meeting was the biggest waste of my time. You're lucky I'm in a hurry, if I wasn't, I'd have your throat in the palm of my hands." I growled. Jacob stared at me for a while, before pretending as though I wasn't there. I took that as a cue to start running.

Racing through the large building's hallways, I received a lot of stares. But did I care? Fuck no. The only thing running through my mind at the moment was Brooke. She was in danger, someone was trying to take her from me.

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