I stood in the mirror next to Jazzy and began to do our vocal exercises. My voice was a little shaky because I was so nervous. My stomach was turning flips so bad, I felt like I was going to throw up and I was shaking in my red high top Supra's. I was breathing heavily, but I coudln't seem to calm myself down. Our designer secured our head microphones onto our ears as we continued to warm up our voices.

I was wearing a neon purple tank top with La La Land written on it in red and white letters, white short shorts, a red beanie, red and white high top Supra's, a neon purple rhinestone jelly watch, a white and purple owl necklace. Purple eye shadow shimmered on my eye lids and I had on fake white nails. My hair was styled the way Miley Cyrus used to wear her hair and it looked really cute on me.

Jazzy had on a black tank top with Love Hurts writing on it in white letters, white and black zebra striped booty shorts, black and white Ed Hardy lowrise sneakers, a black bow/hair clip, black nerd glasses, black rose earrings, and a black owl necklace. She wore red lip stick, black Smokey eye shadow, and french tip fake nails.

"Okay ladies let's go!" Perry said.

My butterflies suddenly got worse and I exited the dressing room with Jazzy's hand in mine.

"You'll be fine!! Just sing to Diggy okay" she kept whispering.

"Not helping" I said through my teeth.

"Fine to yourself!" she replied.

I shrugged my shoulders and took deep even breaths as we walked through the back stage and onto the risers. I stood on the one across from her and got into the pose I had chosen during rehearsal. Please God don't let me fall, please God don't let me fall or mess up. The risers began to lift and I prepared for the first performance of my life. The beat to "How We Do" began to blast in my ears and then the sound of fans screaming followed. Your alone, your alone, your alone. I kept chanting in my head. That's when I found myself standing on stage right, staring at a huge crowd of people.


As the beat picked up I started our routine that we had practiced a bajillion times, making sure to do it with all I had. I transported myself to being alone and that's when the nervousness finally went away.

"I stumble up to the window. Open the curtain to blinding light. Make up all over the pillow. What went on, what went on, what went on last night" I sang adding a few cute moves in.

"You look so sweet when you're dreamin'. Holdin' ya bottle of Tankoray. It isn't even the weekend" Jazzy sang.

"Baby that's how I know you're the one for me" Jazzy and I sang in unison.


The crowd cheered for us and Jazzy and I took a bow. I felt so accomplished and so hype that I could barely hold still. Jazzy and I began to exit the stage. We got pats on the backs and knuckle touches as we exited. I was babbling on about how good we were, when I bumped into Star from the OMG Girlz almost knocking her completely over.

"Oh I'm sorry!" I exclaimed.

"No its o---" she started, but then stopped once she saw me. "It's okay. I'm fine" she said smiling.

Something about that smile just wasn't right, but I only stiffled a laugh and called myself clumsy. We departed, but something about how she reacted was just plain odd.

Jazzy and I changed into our dresses and talked about the performance some more.

"You were so hype Jazzy" I said putting my heart shaped earrings in.

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