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"Jin, wake up. Jin!" Jin wakes up faster than a cat in ice-water, once he realises it's just his boyfriend, he groans then goes back to sleep. "Jin, we have work I'm not saying it twice."

He groans again then gets up, rubbing his eyes trying to adjust to the sunlight. "I only got a few hours of sleep though."

"Yeah, me too. Not my fault we kept making bets and never actually doing them."

"Well let me get ready then."

"Why is this place always so empty?" Jimin mumbles to himself, resting his head on the till.

Jungkook and taehyung were in school in the morning so all five of the boys were doing their own thing because day by day, the cafe would have less and less people coming and today, there was no one.

Namjoon sighed, he hated making his decision but it had to be done. "That's it, guys. I think I'm closing the cafe."

The boys gasped, his comment was so out of character, namjoon wasn't the type to just give up like that, the boys just stared at him open mouthed until yoongi decided to speak.

"You're kidding, right? After all these years of hard work, your giving up now?"

Jin nodded, agreeing in Yoongi's statement, and then everyone else.

"I can't pay for the rent. Our budget is tight and I just don't have the money, guys." Namjoon blinked his eyes repeatedly to suppress the tears from coming out of his eyes.

Just then, hoseok got an idea. "Light bulb!" Everyone turned to his direction so he could proceed, "So, you know that cafe across the street? The really famous one with the best cheese pastrys ever?"

Namjoon scoffed "Jeez, thanks for making me feel better."

"Shh I'm not done!" Namjoon rolled his eyes but still let him continue "So as I was saying, that cafe across the street, do you know how hey got so famous?"

Everyone shrugged and hoseok smirked "banners, posters, advertisement!"

"So what are you saying?"

Hoseok groaned loudly "I'm still not finished!" Once everyone was silent, he continued "I'm saying we should make banners, posters and adverts about our awesome cafe!"

Namjoon paused to think "That's...not a bad idea..." The others nodded in agreement.

"Wait! The best artists are still in school."

As soon as jin said that, Jungkook and taehyung came laughing in the shop, "Uhh..." They both stopped laughing and awkwardly waved. "What's going on...?"

After debating who would explain to the boys, they eventually told them and both jungkook and taehyung were left in shock.

"Woah...okay we'll do the posters the photocopy a bunch of them and stick them up on trees!"

"We can't advertise, it's too much money." Namjoon said and the rest nodded and closed the cafe just in case someone does get it while they're working on their project.

Little did they know, this would change all of their lives.

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