timeless love

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A boy is sitting near to a dead body of girl in graveyard rest of the people are preparing for funeral …….girl who is death happen her soul is sitting next to the boy and she is crying to see the condition of the boy
Girl-sanskar please sambhalo khud ko
Sanskar- Swaraaaaaaa. …..

Flashback starts
Few yrs later
A big stage is set lots of students are sitting. ….a boy is singing
Tu aati hai ceene m jab Jab aahe bhaar ta hu…
Tum Hawa ke jaise chalti ho m Rait ki thra udta hu
Kon tumhe yuh pyaar karega jaise m karta hu
Boys by singing comes toward audience in front of a girl and knee down
Boy-miss swara can you give me the honour of becoming your surname
Girl-sanskar u mean
Sanskar -yes swara …I love you. …would you like to become swara Sanskar maheshwari
Swara smiles in tears and nodes in yes …sanskar takes out a small box and open it but it’s empty. ..sanskar looks towards Ragini (his best friend )for help..Ragini secretly remove her ring and gives to sanskar. ….sanskar place the ring in swara’s finger ….Ragini goes from their wiping her tears which is noticed by swara …..from that day no one seen her
Sanskar always tried various things to make swara happy which he like or not. .he changed himself completely like other lovers of the clg
An Evening

Sanskar takes swara with him on a bike ride in high speed and stop near Chinese restaurant after having dinner both goes to beach ….both are sitting near shore holding each other hand
Sanskar -swara after u came to my life it completely changed u know I started enjoying the life ….I saw different colors of life thank you
Sanskar -swara you know first time I enjoyed the ride .. thanks for this lovely day Swara love u
Sanskar tightly hugs her. .swara seeing him
Sanskar -what are you seeing me like this jaan. ..what happen you are silent from evening
Swara gets up

Swara-sanskar I am thinking Sanskar if u are happy then why is your happiness is not reflecting in your eyes. ..sanskar we both know you have fear from high bike race your BP increase. …..you didn’t feel comfortable in tight jeans and so on Sanskar i know you have changed ur self by seeing other
Sanskar -swara i can do anything for you …I don’t want u to feel embarrase
Swara-sanskar if I think so ….then I never accepted your love …sanskar change is good it is important but don’t change that much when you see yourself in mirror you couldn’t able find yourself
Swara -sanskar i love u not your appearance. …sanskar if you are not happy then how will you make me happy ..
Sanskar -teary eyes swara i am lucky to have you in my life
Time passed on both married each other ..sanskar started running after business and for future. …..swara always demand for sometimes which lead to argument
Swara-sanskar how much you work please take some rest ….please atleast take 3 days leave. .we go to India
Sanskar -jaan I am busy …..and their is 400 crore deal
Swara-plz sanskar only two days please please
Sanskar -swara can’t you understand. .if you want you can go
Swara-okay atleast u can join me for lunch
Sanskar -swara u do it plz I am busy
Swara pulling this suit to come
Sanskar -angrily swara u are not a kid you are a mature women. …I am doing this hard work for our future
Swara silently goes at the door she turn
Swara-sanskar for saving our future you are destroying our present
Swara goes Sanskar feels guilt

At mm
Swara is sitting in couch by holding swasan clg frame …sanskar comes and back hugs her ..swara break the hug
Swara-what happen your 400cr preparation
Sanskar -i am sorry jaan get ready we are going for dinner
Swara-really sanskar
Sanskar -really jaan go and get ready i have long planning. …
Swara-just 5 mints
Swara get ready in blue gown ..when she comes out Sanskar is busy in call
Swara -sanskar. …are you sure you are free
Sanskar cut the call
Sanskar -off course jaan. ..u are looking beautiful jaan tonight I won’t let you sleep
Swara blush
Sanskar -swara if you blush like this I will cancel dnr and I will do my work which i planned after dnr
Sanskar -shall we
Sanskar takes swara to 7star hotel but their moment where disturbing by constant phone calls ……
Swara-lets go to home
Sanskar -jaan we are not going anywhere i booked honeymoon suit here ..
Sanskar- let’s go

Inside lift
Sanskar pulls swara towards him. ..sanskar capture her lower lips swara first shocks then participates sanskar from one hand massaging her back …lift opens sanskar holds her in his arm and takes her to room and close the door
Sanskar touch her sensually and turn her and open the zip of her dress and gives her wet kisses on her back and removes her dress completely and makes her lie her on bed he himself undress himself and lies on her both are intimating but again their constant phone calls. ..
Swara-sanskar please switch it off
Sanskar -swara just 5 mints I am coming
He dress himself goes towards balcony swara cover herself with bedsheet and sit on bed after one hour Sanskar comes. ..sit with swara as he going to say something but again phone rings he goes to attend it ..
Swara gets up and dress herself tears are flowing from her eyes ….sanskar comes
Sanskar -swara what happened why are you crying jaan
Swara -smiles painfully sanskar you are a great businessman you have prefect planning after 2yrs u will be no. Business of India 4 yrs after kids day night office afternoon emails and in night calls

Swara-but no time for your wife….sanskar for my future you are doing everything what will happen if tomorrow I will not be there ..then what will you do with your planning ..and goes
Swara’s each and every word made sanskar realise her pain her loneliness
Sanskar -i wanted to give her everywhere thing but forget that she loved me she want my love not comfort. …swara i promise you I will heal ur pain with my love
Sanskar phone someone
Sanskar -i am going to India forever .. and yeah I will control our business from India. …and tell everybody never dare to call after office regarding office work
Sanskar -i have planned everything love. ..I am idiot I didn’t understand that I should have kept balance between professional and personal life …
In mm
Sanskar -swara i know i have hurt you very much. ….jaan we will restart our life from where our journey started
Swara-you mean kolkatta yah hhhhoooo we are going to India
Next day
Swasan comes out of airport ….sanskar is driving the car
Sanskar -swara i have planned everything. …from today onwards our life is going to turn…
Swara-really thanks Sanskar. ..
Sanskar -from now onwards we are going to enjoy our present and together colour our future
Swara -today I got my sanku back

At that tym sanskar phone rings sanskar looks at swara….swara smile sign him to receive the phone …..while sanskar is talking swara notice truck coming towards them Swara turn the stairing wheels in this process car starts rotating and front glass break and sanskar falls down and car dash with truck and car bust ….and swara dies on the spot
Flashback ends
Swara-(soul)how funny na today you have time for me but I am not with u
Sanskar -swara please come back Swara i promise I won’t repeat my mistake
Priest-its time to do agani daan
Laksh -sanskar come you have to do it
Sanskar -no Laksh
Laksh -sanskar it’s her right ….u can’t take her right you have to strong yourself
Sanskar with heavy heart perform her last ritual…swara soul is seeing him with tears she try to wipe his tears but can’t able to. …sanskar break down some one keep hand on his shoulder sanskar turn
Sanskar -Ragini. ……swara she gone leaving me. ……hugs Ragini and cries miserably
Ragini -sshhhhhh sanskar swara doesn’t like tears in your eyes. ..and wipes his tears and console him
Swara soul smiles in tears and disappear

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