ch-4:unexpected surprises

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Father freind came in and greeted mom and dad .
Then he turned to me and said" hello ruyi , you must not remember me but I helped your parents get you .
I'm lawyer xang , you can call me uncle xang"he said freindly while handing dad some paperwork to see.
"Uncle xang" I gretted
After some time dad called me and sat me beside him , I was looking him and felt very happy I really missed him too.
After uncle xang and dad talked .
Dad softly called me and started explaining me "ruyi , after mother and dad left , you will be send to orphanage " after saying this he looked at me waiting for my reaction seeing I didn't cry he continued .
"Don't worry ruyi you won't be alone , every week uncle xang will come and meet you . "
After listening to dad I really want to cry even in their dead bed they are thinking of me and my future .They really loved me . Uncle xang turn to me and explain me "your dad had already paid for your admission in school ,it was done before the accident . After coming from vacation you were going to join there . As for now your parents still want you to study there .So after 3 month you will be going to school ruyi " I turned to mom and dad they nodded at me , I also gave them smile.
Uncle xang continued " as I can not take over your costady because I'm not married (single parent can't adopt child . There is rule) so you have to stay there. After you turn 18 your dad house , car and 12% share in Lu corporation as well as 18% in tiang company share will be yours "
I looked blankly at them I was a total mess inside. 12% share in Lu corporation ,a real 6 year old child may not understand but I do understand that with these 12% share I may not need to work my entire life and still live a carefree life. In my last life I struggle so hardly in Lu home because of not having any support , I was with low self esteem . I had to work so hard to please father Lu ,take care of him still I didn't even got 1% shares but now I suddenly have 12% share which they had Transfer to me and no one can take it from my hand as mom and dad have no relatives their parents have died . So now I'm solely the owner of 12% Lu corporation shares and 18%in tiang.
I felt happy but sad also cause I'm getting all this with the price of my parents death.
If I really was a six year old I may not understand but my soul is already 25 .
And I understand every thing .
Now I really doubt my parents identity , why do they have so much share of Lu and tiang . But I think to know this I may have to wait to get old so I decided to wait .
So after listening to uncle xang I know that apart from these shares and house my parents left me quite a few high-end real estate and they have a fix deposit in my name which I can get access to after I turn 18 till then for school money and my health every thing is under control of uncle xang . Only it is that according to the law of M country uncle xang can't adopt me although before I turn 18 all my property and shares will be handed to him ,so he can ensure that they are safe. My previous life could have been very beautiful and calm . But because my own stupidity I ruined all of it. But now I'm sure I will live it well and enjoy it .I promise xiao Yunzhi this life I will love you and not be like previous life running after vanity

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