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Jimin's face turn flush red .

You moaned again .

"A-Alright . Let's go to my car first." He said and quicken his pace .

He opened the back seat door and put you inside, You're sweating hard .

" Goodness , what the heck is wrong with your brother . " He said and went inside the car too sitting between your leg .

"I don't like it, please take it out. " You grabbed his shirt, trying your hardest not to cry.

He nodded quickly but hesitate whether he should or not do it, "Jimin! " You yelled at him, eyes tearing.

He breathed out and put his finger inside to pull it out .

You accidentally moaned, and white liquid splurt out from your below.

"Oh my lord, girl! Don't moan! It's so weird!" He said, his face was red as beet.

He look at you, gulped his saliva down his throat, he sighed.

" I'll bring you to my home. " He shook his head then went to the driver seat.

You cried silently, trying to stay awake but slowly your vision turned black.


Jimin parked the car and get out from the car, then he open the back seat door and lift you up, slowly went to the bathroom then put you inside the bathtub.

He shook you slowly, and your eges slowly open.


"You should wash your body." He said, facing the door, not looking at you.

You looked down ashamed, "Ok" You said softly.

"Is that... your first time doing ? " He clenched his hand.

" He didn't do it to me " You lied inside the bathtub as the water started filling the tub.

"But he- "

"Please, stop."

"Can you bath by yourself ? " He asked, still not facing you.

"Yea," You said, "Can you leave me alone for a while?".

Jimin nodded, "Take your time."

"Thanks, Chim." You said and he leave.

Tears start rolling down your cheek, you cried silently trying to wash away the feeling of his touch on your skin. You scrub you skin until it's red.

You keep wiping your tears but it won't stop coming out.

After what it feels like two hours, you got up from the bathroom and went into Jimin's room. You took his clothes andnwore it then slumped into his bed.

Slowly, you fell asleeoo.

Soon after that, you're sleeping soundly and Jimin went inside the room .

" Y/n . " He move you .

Your eyes fluttered open and you back away .

" Sorry if I scared you . " He said with a concern smile .

You breath in relief .

" Let's eat . " He said and you follow him .

He pull the chair for you and you sit down .

He sit down at the opposite you .

The food make your tummy grumble as you stare at the delicious food infront of you .

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