ch-3:Meeting my adoptive parents

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Finally going to meet them .
I was standing outside their ward's with the nurse who had been taking care of me .
She was looking at me nervously , she seems worried.
I took her hand and pushed the ICU door opens , but after that the tears that I have been holding rushed out immediately after seeing their condition, and I let out a small sob .
And rushed to their beds .
Mom and dad they both seemed to be awake .
Mom on seeing me softly called out "Ruyi"
I immediately wiped out my tears and called out " mom - dad , ruyi missed you".
Mom kindly smile at me .
And called me in her arms ,after she held me and asked " Ruyi have you been a good girl". I immediately nodded my head .
She smiled again and looked at dad worriedly dad smiled and nodded his head , seeing this I was confused cause none of this happened in my last life , but I remembered that in my last life I was still in comma after mom and dad died and I wokeup 16 days after their dead .
Mom voice pulled me out of my imagination "ruyi" "huh" I looked at her .
She looked at me apologeticly and said "ruyi promise mother that you will listen carefully to what ever mom says"
I nodded my head "yes"
"Ruyi mom and dad do not have much time left"
Listing to this I was trying very hard to hold back my tears cause I know in my there were few people who loved me and they were one of the .
Mom once again started speaking " ruyi mom and dad know it will be hard on you after we leave so we talked to lawyer uncle , and left all our savings and house to ruyi name "
After listening to this I was very shocked . Cause in my last life maybe I was in comma and before they had a chance to tell me this they died and after being in Lu family I forgot them so I never knew that they had already secured my future .
"Ok mom"
She looked at me worried and said " sorry ruyi mom dad is leaving you alone , we can not do any thing . After mom &dad leaves you have to leave and once again go to orphanage "
" No mom , don't be sorry , don't go okay ,ruyi will be good and not demand for new doll and princess cloth . Ruyi only want mom " I said wth tears .
At this time there was a knock on the door and dad said. "come in"
A middle aged uncle came in .
After seeing him I realised that he is dad's friend .
In my last life he also came to me when I was in Lu home but I refuse to meet him thinking maybe if I meet him Lu family will see my sincerity and be pleased , how nieve and idiot I was.

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