part 2

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But at the last moment I knew everything was Lu xio tiang game . He never liked me he just kept me so that father Lu won't give him pressure that he had to marry someone .
At the end I was just a chess piece who was being played .
I spent my youth thinking I loved him , but I know now that all I loved was his money and power .
I never loved him .
Xiao Yunzhi I really love you but failed to realised until the moment I die in the hand of Lu xio ting .
But suddenly I don't have any one I don't hate Yun shi Ning , I don't hate Lu xio ting .
I only regret choosing the wrong was . Lossing you . Lossing Yun shi Ning .
I only regret causing your death .
Regret not choosing our child .
Not choosing to go with you to a better place .
Not telling you and showing my love to you .
Xiao Yunzhi I love you .
Wait for me in the road of reincarnation I will meet you and our child and will tell you how much I love you  .

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