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A dark endless void, that's what I wake up with. I'm laying on a cold, hard floor, which feels like metal. I have no idea where I am or what's happening. I don't even know who I am. Panic starts to run through my veins when all of the sudden dim lights fill the room I'm in.

I can see it's not even a room, it's some kind of box. I decide to stand up and wander around in the small space, the panic leaving for curiosity, but as soon as I stand up the space starts moving. With surprise, I fall to the ground. Panic returns back but I try to stay as calm as possible, I know what if I start to panic now I'll only lose energy. So I start to look around once again. The dim lights go all the way up so I can still see a little bit. I can't see where up is though, it's just a black hole.

The box starts to speed up and I get dizzy. Against the wishes of my stomach, I get up once again. This time not letting gravity pull me down. I inspect some of the crates that are stocked in the Box. Because of the dim lights, I can't see what's in the crates. I can only see some vague letters on the side of the crates.

Suddenly the Box stops and I'm launched to the ground once again. My back hits one of the crates and all the air gets sucked out of my lungs. While I'm gasping for air The Box starts to slow down and after I can breathe properly, it stops. Are they going to let me out? What if they are going to do something horrible? Who 'they' might be I don't get a really good feeling about them. I decide to sit behind some crates and there I can wait and see what happens.

Because I don't know what I can expect, I decide to hide behind some of the crates. It seems like some doors opened above the Box, the light now fills the Box so I can see what's written on the crates. W.I.C.K.E.D. What would that mean? Is my amnesia so bad? I must have amnesia because I can't even remember my own name, or how I ended up here. I don't even know where here is. Through the crates, I can see that some doors above the Box go open and bright light streams into the Box. I'm blinded for a little while but my eyes adjust quickly to the fell light. Above me, I see a clear blue sky, with not even one cloud, and the sun is glowing bright. I see a few silhouettes and one of them jumps in the Box.

It is a boy around the age of sixteen or seventeen. He has dirty blonde hair and he is rather tall. He looks a little bit familiar but I can't remember where I have seen him before. He has a confused look on his face and he keeps looking around.

"Where the bloody hell is the Newbie?" He askes to someone above him. The boy in the Box has a funny accent, I wonder if I have an accent, and he said 'Bloody' which I think is a funny word. I don't know what it means but I feel like I've heard it before.

Anyway, the boy is still looking around, probably for me. Then he looks my way. I duck but I hear him walking towards me. I look around. But there's no escape, the only thing I can do is come out of my hiding place. Which I don't want to do because I still have no idea who these people are or where I am. The boy appears in the opening of my hideout. He looks shocked. I don't know why and I certainly don't intend on asking. From up close he looks even more familiar, but I can't put my finger on who he is.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" I ask, trying to sound confident. The boy breaks out in a laughter which scares me and makes me step away from him. My back hits the wall which makes me grit my teeth out of pain. I must have fallen harder then I thought.

"Ey, easy there. Don't wanna hurt ya self." The boy says while putting his hands in the air. He takes one step closer and I press myself even more to the wall, which only causes more pain.

"I know ya are afraid but ya have to trust me, okay? I'll get ya up and then we can take a look at ya back. Because it's hurtin' ya, right?"

I slowly nod. The boy offers his hand and I shake it.

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