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"I will really miss you, you know?" Emma says, pressing her head against Leslie's shoulders. 

"I will miss you too," she replies. "But hey, I'm not leaving right away. I still have to quit." Leslie laughs and so does Emma as she wipes her tears. 

Since all these the new friendships with the famous cast began, Leslie has been through hell at work - her boss requesting private information from her, demanding at some point. Les, of course, refused to do any of those things: they're my friends now, I will not betray them by turning into some kind of 'close source' for your benefit, she said to her supervisor.

Then yesterday, because life works in mysterious ways, Leslie got a job offer from another cinema related magazine and Emma took it nicely until she mentioned that she had to move to New York.

"Have you thought about what kind of place you want?" Emma questions.

"Oh, I wish. I haven't even thought about what I'm wearing for dinner." Leslie chuckles. "But I'm not picky. I just hope I can find a cheap, decent place to stay for the first few weeks."

"You're going out for dinner?" Emma sits up with Leslie. They've been laying down since Leslie came home and this whole conversation started.

"Yep. Chace is already bombarding me with messages." She laughs and checks her phone. "I tend to forget our dates sometimes."

"He lives in New York! You could stay with him!" Emma suggests.

"Hm... we're not there yet, Ems. That would be a huge step and I don't want to rush things." Leslie takes Emma's hands in hers.

"But it's getting serious, am I right?" Emma teases. 

"Yes," Leslie giggles. "I really like him. A lot."

"I can tell, Les. It's been a while since I've seen you this happy and... I'm really happy for you. Plus, I think it'll do you good to be closer to him."

"I guess so, Chace... he's really good to me." Leslie confesses. "What about Sebastian?" She turns the subject around.

Emma frowns for a bit. "What about him?" 

"C'mon, Ems. Cut the bullshit, at least with me." Leslie crosses her arms, a silly smile appearing on her face. 

"Nothing is going on," Ems gets up really quickly, pacing around the room. "We both like each other's company and that's it. We kissed once," she stops when Leslie coughs roughly. "Twice, and that was it."

"You're so into him."


leswinters look at me, you punk

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leswinters look at me, you punk

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