17. Unwanted Mission

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Everyone will never agree on everything. So there are always two groups of people by default. One who supports the decision and other against it. So naturally, there was a governing body that made 'perfect' humans with ideal DNA and a suitable match so that the generations are perfect. While they try developing something to fake perfection and love.

There was another group of people who thought love was a weakness, the people there were mere humans. No fear, no attachment not any emotion they considered as weakness.

Sage's idea was to put these two party's at war with each other.

But no one discussed the plan as two days passed and everyone settled in. Trisha felt uneasy there was no point of contact with her parents and her brother she missed them.

She spent most of her time in painting the empty portions of the mountains that helped her calm down and not think of the worst. She hated changed and here she was shifting her life complete 360 degrees. When she looked in the mirror she felt stranger to herself. Old Trisha was fading and she didn't like that.

Even if Sage's plan was accepted how are they going to work it's way around and put people at war? War always came with innocent casualties and she was not agreeing with Sage's way. But having to live in a restricted life format was also bad.

Since it was Sage's idea probably he will be the one to be sent to the undercover mission and start a rebellion. They were three young people, what exactly were they suppose to do?

"We have a meeting, come on." Killian came to her room breaking her thought process.

Both the boys seem to have adjusted in few days quite well or so she thought.

"What is wrong?" She asked sensing obvious dispair on Killian's face.

"Sage' s plan backfired on us. They are sending us as undercovers." Killian said.

"But what good will that do? How are we supposed to put two governments against each other?"

Because as soon as three new people will enter they will be put to every medical test possible. And they will know that they are from another side of the world.

"That is the problem. You, Sage and someone from here is going to the land where emotions are a weakness. While I will be returning home trying to convince my father and some high ups that you are taken by the other side to work for them while they plan to attack us. Alice is going to fake attack just to instill some fear in the people and take the matter seriously."

But through the whole thing, she knew this was stupid. The rebellion was not her thing. What will she do once she has no emotions left if she is actually on the other side and they inject her with something?

"I am not going,"  Trisha said in a determined tone.

"Is there any other option?"

"I am away from home and now you want me to go to some robotic place where emotions are a weakness?"

"And I repeat Trisha, is there any other option?" Killian now stopped walking and looked frustrated.

"You brought this on yourself, Sage manipulated you and now here you are not looking like yourself at all and a fugitive in one land and whining about going to other. Maybe, maybe Trisha no emotions is better for you." 

It was a blow to hear all this from Killian and yet a bigger blow that all that was true.

Killian was hating all this and now he had to let the girl he came to love to leave with maybe his competitor in this scenario.

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