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Tord POV
Why is the world so cruel these days?
I hate it...
I feel like I don't belong here and it really sucks to have a sucky mindset. I don't think on the positive often and I just cry out the pain or cut. Gladly Edd didn't go too far for me... or anyone else, I would hate for them to be worried for such a piece of trash like me.
But . . .
I hope they will understand if they found out . . .

I finished animating a request for someone and I was happy with the result. Though, I still thought about Tord's actions lately.
He became more quiet?
More sad?
More . . . depressed?
I don't know, probably something bad happened . . .
But I hope for the best.

I walked out of my room then saw Tom at the kitchen eating toast, like usual.
"Hey Tom.." I said.
"Yeah?" He answered back.
"Have you noticed Tord's actions lately, they've been more depressed ..." I
"Yeah, to be honest, I have noticed that, he became more of a dude who would cry a lot or one of those depressed emo teenagers"
I was about to answer but then there was a loud scream..
It sounded like..
Tord ?

Sorry for the late and short chapter,,, school and yeah,,,
This is no longer a project since in 1 week, I will be out of school and the teacher was nice enough to let it go.
But still, there's no smut.

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