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     STEVE HELD Alice's hand in his own as they hurriedly walked down the bright white hallways of a hospital. A hat was atop of Steve's head and a hoodie was covering his body. Alice wore a hat as well, with one of Steve's hoodies keeping her warm.

Alice was looking around the quiet facility, her eyes searching for a vending machine that Steve needed to find. As they rounded the corner, the brunette spotted the piece of technology, hurriedly pulling him over to it.

Steve looked inside of the machine and scanned the rows of food, looking for the small hard drive that had been hidden inside of it - only to find it gone. Suddenly from behind the two, Natasha appeared, chewing on a piece of gum rather loudly. Steve huffed in frustration before pushing the redhead into a nearby room, making sure Alice was behind him.

"Where is it?" He grumbled to the assassin.

"Safe." She blankly replied to the blonde.

"Do better!" He exclaimed, growing irritable.

"Steve, calm down." Alice laid a hand on her best friend's shoulder, pulling him back a few inches.

"Where did you get it?" Natasha asked Steve, holding steady eye contact with him.

"Why would I tell you?" He scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Fury gave it to you, why?" Natasha fired back, not backing down. Alice looked around nervously as Steve angrily interrogated Natasha.

"What's on it?" The soldier ignored her question, replying with his own.

"I don't know."

"Stop lying!" Steve sneered, his patience wearing thin.

"I only act like I know everything, Rogers." Alice rolled her eyes at the red heads confession.

"I bet you knew that fury hired the pirates, didn't you?" Alice slowly backed up before spinning on her heels and silently exiting the room that was beginning to feel claustrophobic. She didn't feel like listening to the two super humans argue.

The small brunette began wondering down the hall, her mind trailing back to what it always did - Bucky. How much she missed him and how much she wished he was there. She wondered how life would be if he were here at the moment. Her reminiscing got cut short, only being able to get a short distance down the hall.

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