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Hi guys! First off, thank you for reading this book. I love reading your guys' comments on each chapter, some of you get really involved and thats what makes me want to keep writing! So thank you :)

Most of you wanted a sequel desperately so I finally gave in. It's called "The Truth About Mommy" and it can be found on my page.

In the sequel, you'll learn about Mommy's backstory, Sir's Backstory, Emilio's backstory, who Steven is, and what happens to Bella, Cole, and Elliot after being rescued.

Thank you all so much, your support means more than you could ever imagine! ❤️

Also, a big shout out to my best friend in real life kungfopanda !! She helps me out whenever I'm stuck on what to do regarding this book and she's the best! She is so unbelievably talented and I know you guys would absolutely love her :)

You're the best!

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