My First One Shot (Hidan&OC)

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"You're doing WHAT!?" said the woman with a look of shock on her face, she had a very pretty face and was very

sweet by nature.

"Sorry babe, I'm leaving this dump of a village, I'll be doing better things, don't you understand?" Said Hidan as

he bent his arms out to his sides and shrugged.

"But you'll be classified as a Missing-nin! You plan on betraying your nation? What an awful thing to do!" She said, actually beginning to take him seriously.

"So? I've already called this place a dump, now shut your trap and let me finish packing my stuff".

It was a strange relationship, they had been together for a few months now and people wondered how someone as scary and brutal as Hidan could end up with such a kind girl as Linda. They were next door neighbours before they became a couple and she did everything for him, she cooked and cleaned his apartment for him and he still acted like a pig.

"So what, you're just going to LEAVE me here, even though we've been together for months now?" tears began to form in her eyes. Hidan faced the other way and folded his arms.

"It's not like you would have came with me anyway, and they wouldn't want someone as weak as you to join, you aren't even a ninja, Linda, NOT. EVEN. A. NINJA!"

She gave him an inquisitive look "Who wouldn't want someone as weak as me? To join what?"

"Never mind, the point is, I'm going for good, and I'm just here to pack my things before I go, you can have what I don't want, if it makes you feel any better..."

Linda slammed her hands on the table "What would make me feel better would be if you just stayed put here! Don't you get enough from your missions?" She said while sighing hopelessly, she knew that once he planned something out he wasn't going to change it for anything, except maybe for some stupid cult of teenagers he recently joined.

"Come on sweetie, can't you just... change your mind? You know..." She said, grabbing Hidan's arm gently. Hidan violently shook the grasp off, he turned around and pointed at her face. "DON'T TOUCH ME BEFORE YOU MAKE ME DO SOMETHING I MIGHT REGRET DOING" He shouted, making Linda whimper and start to cry.

"Bitch..." muttered Hidan as he turned around and picked up what Linda referred to as "A silly cult staff" which was a big scythe with three red blades, she had tried to throw it away three times but apparantly it was a high honour being given one of those, which she highly doubted, it looked like junk.

He put the scythe in some straps on his back which slid all the way down to his legs.

He turned around and looked at her "I've finished packing, I have money, food, and clothes, so I'll be going now, don't wait up for me, okay?"

Hidan walked towards the door and Linda followed him closely behind as she opened the door for him.

He was halfway through the door and Linda's mood was continuously affecting his in a negative way.

He stopped and met with her eye to eye, his voice dropped to a whisper.

"If you tell anyone that I'm going, or where I'm going, I'll kill you and your family without a thought, have a great life" He said and walked out the door.

"WAIT!" Wailed Linda and Hidan glanced back at her with a look of aggrivation.

"I-I think I'm pregnant, honey".

Hidan reached for his scythe.

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