(31) IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! [Part 1]

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You ran.

You wanted to be away.

Your tears were already pouring fast, along with the heavy rain that was surrounding San Fransokyo.

Still running, you crossed the street but stopped. You whipped your head to the car that was zooming towards you, its headlights blinding your vision. Your mind told you to get out the way and run but your feet lay frozen as if it was stuck on the ground (in which it wasn't).

You felt a sharp pain on your body while the gasps and screams of the people around you was getting fainter as your vision turned black.

It was all your fault.







A few months ago..



"Tadashi no!" You hear a familiar scream.


The color of red and orange was surrounding the vision of your eyes. The color was pretty, however it was more dangerous than it seems.

You ran towards the Hamada siblings and noticed that Hiro was holding Tadashi's wrist while saying something. You approached them cautiously to make sure you weren't interrupting something. But this was urgent.

SFIT is on fire.

Then, Hiro spotted and turned to you. Though it was not seen that much, he was shaking and worried. Being friends with him through the years had some perks but now was not the time.

"(Y-Y/n) h-help me persuade Tadashi, tell him don't g-go! He's not listening! Please.." Hiro told you, though his last word was soft and desperate.

His breathing was heavy and short. He was clearly panicking, and it hurt you truly.

Tadashi looked at you with pleading eyes and softly wiggled Hiro's grasp off his wrist. "Someone has to help." He said.

You quickly aimed to grab Tadashi's other wrist but before you could touch it, Tadashi turned and ran towards the SFIT doors.

Hiro panicked more when he saw Tadashi's cap fall off his brother's head. He picked it up and glanced at the swishing flames infront of him.

"I'm going in.." Hiro whispered to himself and was determined that he would get his brother out of the building.

However, you heard his mumble and instinctively grabbed his hood to prevent him from running towards the fire.

He took a step forward and noticed how he can't move from his spot. When he felt the tug from his back, he quickly whipped his head to your direction with a confused face.

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