Taehyung takes the pill from Seokjin's hand.

"..this is an aspirin, not potassium"

"You mean -it's been.."

Seokjin puts down his cup, now listening attentively to the prosecutor. This is a revelation.

Taehyung nods.

"Excessive intake of aspirin can cause bruises and can lead to getting poisoned, since these are blood-thinners. And I think that explains Min Gi Hyuk's bruises.."

"How long has he been taking these?"

"About four months"

"Shit! Then Min Gi Hyuk was already being sabotaged even before he was actually killed!"

Seokjin's jaw dropped as he fixed his tie, its suddenly too tight around his neck.

"Who would do this?"

"That's the thing, we don't know. It could be Min Yoongi, the actual culprit or anyone else"

Taehyung's perception of Min Yoongi being innocent flipped when he investigated further in Min Gi Hyuk's case. The switched pills is definitely a table turner.

He doesn't know where to aim his gun now.

The two men were left puzzled as they both compromised on how they will present the case and the evidences. Who is innocent and who is not.


Taehyung has yet to interrogate Jeon Chan Hae, Jeongguk's uncle, he couldn't find the time to. His hands were full at the moment but he knows he had to do it before the hearing occuring this week.

If his suspicions are right then they hit the jackpot.

But his real challenge is, how can he corner the answer from him? That man is handling the wealthiest group in South Korea for a reason, Jeon Chan Hae is fucking intelligent.

If his suspicions are wrong, the consequences will be a gap in their relationship.

Though, Taehyung highly doubts that he is wrong about Jeon Chan Hae.


"You should sneak in here every night"

Jeongguk whispers in the ears of the boy who was lying in his arms. The duvet pooling at their entangled feet, as the moonlight streams through the curtains.

"Don't push it"

"Come on, Jiminie. I really do sleep better when you're here"

Jeongguk whines as he enclosed his arms around Jimin's figure that was wiggling away from him.

"It's really tiring to climb a tree and jump on your balcony every night, Ggukie"


Jeongguk pouts as soon as Jimin turned to face him.

"No, no don't give me that face. I won't fall for it"

Jeongguk continues to pout and whine as he snuggled Jimin's neck, keeping his arms secure and not letting poor Jimin to wiggle. The boy's adorable puppy face is absolutely making Jimin's heart tremble, it was his weakness.

Jimin pushes Jeongguk's face away, trying to fight the urge to give in and submit to the manipulative adorable human being's pleas who was beside him, whining like a kicked puppy.

And Jimin did the worst decision ever, he looked right into Jeongguk's pleading doe eyes. He lost.

"Fine, okay"

Jimin giggles fighting a smile to tug at his lips, but Jeongguk's pearly whites flashed at him which made his heart tremble once again. Jimin leans in wanting to lay a peck on the said charming boy's lips but to his dismay Jeongguk's shields his lips with his hand.

Jeongguk mumbles something through his hand, which was totally incomprehensible for Jimin.


"I said, I'm not going to let you kiss me and just leave me again without an explanation"

Jeongguk pouts as he resumed in covering his mouth as he closes his eyes, rolling away from Jimin, letting his fringe fall over his lashes elegantly.

"Explanation? Wasn't my kiss enough for an explanation?"

Jimin reasons as he propped himself on his elbow, eyeing Jeongguk who snapped his eyes open from his bestfriend's statement.

"Are you trying to say what I'm thinking you're trying to say?"

Jeongguk asks as he propped himself on his elbow as well, their faces mere inches away from each other, both intoxicated with their scents dancing around them.

"What am I trying to say?"

Jimin raises his eyebrow.

"Are you confessing right now?"

"I don't know, am I?"

Jimin smirks, liking this late night question-for-a-question game between them.

"You're impossible"

Jeongguk says and suddenly slams his lips against Jimin's devouring his plump and soft mouth, their heavy breaths fanned each other's faces, as Jimin's hands snaked inside Jeongguk's shirt feeling his warm skin against his fingertips.

Jimin's ministrations caused goosebumps to appear on Jeongguk's skin as he continued to savour the taste lips of the boy he craved so much.

Jeongguk grabs his face in his hands as he put his weight on top of Jimin, letting their aroused areas be pressed together. The boy trembling beneathe him grinded against Jeongguk's tight boxers, making Jeongguk groan in pleasure.

Jimin's fingers left his body as they slowly slid down to palm him through his boxers making him shut his eyes and bite Jimin's lips in satisfaction, to which the subdued boy responds with a whimper. They disconnected their lips as both stared deep into each other's eyes.


Dark doe eyes stared right back to those big brown eyes in infatuation, Jimin smiles as he lands a peck on Jeongguk's swollen lips before pulling him down by his neck to whisper.

"Is that enough of an explanation about how I feel about you?"


"touching you makes me feel so alive" —박지민

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"touching you makes me feel so alive" —박지민

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