Mate of the Siren

Chapter 12

(Jack's POV)

Orana sat on the couch in the living room and waited til i sat down as well before she started telling me what i needed to hear, the truth.

She took a big breathe before looking at me.

"I'm a Werewolf. So is Nassir, the guy i was hugging before you tackled." she gave me a look like i was an idiot. "We shift into wolves when were pushed to our limits, feeling protective, or upset. Though there are times when we shift into wolves just for the run." her eyes seem to be in the past as she tells me the truth.

"Werewolves aren't monsters though. We're people just like you are. You have to understand that otherwise we cant be friends." She looks me in the eyes showing her feelings for the first time to me.

"I understand, wolf girl. I never would have accused you of being a monster. You're too beautiful to be something ugly.", my hand moves up to her cheek brushing away a stray strand of her hair.

I lean forward to caress her lips with mine but all i kiss is the couch as i fall on it.

"Jack don't try that ever again. We can't be no matter how much you want us to be." she tells me with her head looking out the window in the kitchen.

" Let's get back to the truth." she glances at me only to look away after a second. "Werewolves are stronger, faster, smarter then any human. Our five senses are more hightened then any other animal too. Don't anger one, especially Mated males. Don't ever flirt or say anything to his Mate cause he most likely will want to kill you afterwards. And i know your going to ask about Mates so ill just tell as much as i can about them.

"Mates are the other half of a Werewolf, a soulmate. A Werewolf finds out about whose his or her Mate is when they first turn fifteen sometimes its a day or more late before they find out but when they do, they are inseperable. Well that is unless one or ther other Rejects their Mate, but that only happens once or twice a year. Once they find each other, their feelings get stronger and their bond, like a invisable rope grows to the point where its unbreakable. After a few months they start feeling each others feeling, knowing each others pain, remembering each others memories.

"Soon enough after a year or however long they want and can hold off, they become One with each other." she blushes a bit at the mention of that part before looking towards the door way.

I look too, only to find that guy standing there watching Orana with a predator type of look in his eyes.

The rage comes over me again only to be squished down when i grasp a hand on to it, putting it under my control.

Orana looks down blushing even redder as Nassir starts walking over to her then once in front of her, pulls her to him and runs his nose up and down the side of her neck, taking in her scent all the while.

Orana closes her eyes and sighs in content.

Watching them, how they hold each other and everything i finally realize.

"Your Mates, aren't you?" i stand as the words flow out of my mouth like acid burning the taste buds.

Having enough i walk out of her house and run through the forest to the sea.

The only place i felt that would calm me down.

Because at the moment it seemed as if the sea was calling my name, soothing the rage within me.

Stroking it as if it was a mere kitten.

Though my rage and i both knew it was more than a kitten, but the last of the ancient jungle cats.

My other half, the Tiger.

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