Chapter 1

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As Bts took a break from practice for there latest song 'Fake Love' there manager came in and called for their attention, "Hello everyone, I've decided to promote our newest album we're going to be going to America for another show. It will be similar to American hustle life, so when you're done with practice go pack your bags and get some sleep, we will be leaving early in the morning. Goodnight boys"

Time skip
[They packed and are waiting for the Vans]

"I wonder what were going to be doing!? It is anything like American Hustle Life, we have to be ready for surprises this time!!" Hobi exclaimed running around the living room. "HOSEOK, JUNGKOOK!! COME ON!!" Jin yelled from outside, "THE VANS ARE HERE!!" As everyone started to get up Jungkook yelled, "COMING EOMMA!" Causing everyone to start laughing. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT!!" Jin raged jokingly "HOW DARE YOU CALL THE WORLD WIDE HANDSOME SUCH A THING!?!"

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