Chapter 6 - Clarion

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Chapter 6, Clarion

"I wandered the western side of the uncharted island for weeks. Towering mountains lined the entire eastern border, or at least that's what I thought. I decided to scale the mountains and found a lush forest on the other side. The trees had a variety of fruit and there were all kinds of wildlife in the woodland. It was a pleasant place."

- an excerpt from The Thousand Years War, Part I

Cornar skidded across the grass outside his country estate. While rising to his feet he eyed Kalder, who was running at him with his claymore pulled to the side, tip pointed skyward.

Nice, Cornar thought, lunging forward. He swung his weapons but Kalder intercepted both the serrated dagger and the short sword with the claymore.

They danced about, striking and parrying each other's blows.

"You already started?!" Gregan shouted, agitated.

Cornar saw the redhead warrior donning his helmet from the edge of the field, but turned his attention back to Kalder. Cornar dodged a sweeping swing, rolling sideways. He stole another glance to the plate-covered warrior; Gregan was running, gripping his fanisar horizontally. Gregan's gait showed his eagerness to join the sparring match.

Evading another blow, Cornar rebounded, coming close enough to land a solid kick against Kalder. He swiftly struck Kalder's belly with the sole of his boot. Kalder tumbled backward, rolling over his shoulder, but Gregan replaced him.

"You're not too old for this!" Gregan shouted, swinging his fanisar at Cornar.

Gregan's words were true. Cornar wasn't too old for this... But there was that promise to Karenna.

Cornar ducked beneath Gregan's next attack, twirling his dagger so its smooth edge rested against his forearm. He slid forward, hitting Gregan's armored belly with a forearm strike. But that didn't jar the once-City Watchman.

Gregan continued swinging his fanisar while Cornar dodged the blows, striking plate-armored forearms. Soon, Kalder joined the fray.

Cornar gracefully evaded both warriors' attacks.

Suddenly, white light zipped past Cornar's head. It struck Kalder, surging through his armor and spreading across his body. He glowed faintly.

"Magic?!" Cornar blurted. He wanted to look over his shoulder but he didn't dare.

A second later, Gregan was surrounded by a similar white aura.

Both warriors moved at speeds faster than before. Enhancing magic did that sort of thing. Cornar struggled to defend himself, and something swept out his legs. Was that Gregan? He hadn't seen the kick. But they were moving fast, faster than normal.

The hard ground met his back, and a sharp rock tried to pierce his chainmail. All the while, something slithered beneath him. That was no kick! The slithering thing was an ensnaring tentacle, wasn't it?

Gregan swiftly lowered his fanisar, but Cornar deflected it away. The fanisar struck the ground near Cornar's head, kicking up dirt that sprayed across his face.

Through the dirt, Cornar saw Kalder lowering his sword. The bladed end came crashing down toward his chest, tip near his neck. Cornar tried to block the claymore but was too slow.

Kalder abruptly stopped his blade just before it touched Cornar's armor. He had amazing control, and his ability to pull the slice was a perfect example of this. Especially when enhanced with magic. If one weren't familiar with how one's body worked while enhanced pulling such a blow would be different. This was not the case for Kalder.

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