Chapter 2

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Percy's POV

A few days after going over Piper and Annabeth's apartment and seeing their baby, we Iris Messaged with Leo. He told us that he was coming to Camp Half Blood for a few days, it'd be great to see us. Of course we accepted and began to pack our bags right away.

"Jason, we're going to camp for a few days, not a whole month," I say to my lover, who was frantically running around our apartment, the night before we leave. I watch him rush around in his comfy clothes, which is just a pair of sweatpants and no shirt. I admit, I enjoyed the view but he was moving too fast for me to stare. Finally, I've had enough of his panicking and I go up to him. I grab his shoulders and force him to look at me. He gives me a slightly startled look, but then his gaze softens. I bring him close to me and he relaxes in my arms. I smile and run my fingers through his hair. He shudders slightly. "Relax love, you'll get wrinkles," I say and he chuckles.

"I'm just so worried we'll forget something important, and it'll ruin the whole trip," he says sighing. He cup his face with my hand and kiss him gently.

"Don't worry, we can always buy something from the camp store, if needed. We also have things we left in our cabins. It'll be okay," I whisper the last part. This seems to comfort him and he kisses me gently. This kiss, however turns rougher and Jason pushes me in the direction of our bedroom. We continue kissing as we enter our bedroom and fall onto our bed in a tangled mess. I fall on top of Jason and he rolls us so we're both laying on the bed. We release from the string of kisses, panting. I lay my head on Jason's chest and feel safe. He wraps his strong arms around me and we fall into a dreamless sleep.

In the morning, I awake with Jason's arms around me. I snuggle closer to him and he stirs a little. He wakes and looks at me and I smile at him. I crane my neck and give him a kiss. He cringes slightly, "Morning breath, babe." I roll my eyes and roll out of bed. He whines at the loss of warmth but I continue to our kitchen. I fix my bowl of cereal and sit down at our breakfast bar. Jason comes shuffling into the kitchen shortly after. I admire the view of Jason with his bed head and his sweatpants exposing his v-line. I blush and look away when Jason catches me staring at his v-line. He probably thought you were staring at his junk, I think to myself and I go even redder. Jason just smirks and makes his breakfast. He sits next to me with his bowl of cereal and we eat in silence, still not fully awake. After breakfast, Jason goes to shower and I go to get dressed. As I'm checking myself out in our long mirror in our bedroom, Jason enters a towel wrapped around his waist. I stare at him in the mirror. My face goes beet red as he drops his towel and starts getting dressed. After all these years, he can still make me flustered. I continue fixing my hair as he clothes himself. When he's finished I turn around and examine his outfit. He's wearing a navy blue button down with khakis and plain black Vans. Dam, he looks hot. "Looking good, babe," I choke out, trying to stop myself from drooling. He turns pink and looks down. I grin, satisfied that I could make him blush.

He gives me a once over, taking in my white shirt and jeans with an unbuttoned flannel over it and Converses. "Hot," he says when he finishes checking me out. I chuckle and walk over to him. I wrap my arms around him tightly and bury my face in his chest. I breath in his cologne and sigh. He smells so good, oh my gods. Jason hugs me tightly and pats my head gently. I let go and head to bathroom to finally brush my teeth and check my hair once again. Now I can kiss Jason all I want.

We arrive at Half-Blood Hill without a hitch, which sort of surprised me. We got there at around three in the afternoon, since we left at around two. We begin the decent down and Jason entwines our fingers together. I smile at the familiar surroundings and his touch. After we've made it about half way down, I notice my favorite Latino Santa elf running towards us. I grin and so does Jason as he notices who's running towards us. When Leo reaches us, he brings us all into a group hug. I have to admit, I missed him. "It's been a while guys. How are you?" Leo asks us, letting go.

Jason looks at me and smiles, "We're good, how are you Leo? How's Calypso?" Leo grins at the mention of his girlfriend.

"We're both good, it's nice to be back at camp. We've bought an apartment in New Rome and it's really nice," Leo finishes, a hug grin on his face.

I nod, "Well, shall we?" Jason and Leo nod and we head to the cabins. Many campers greet me along the way. Some are familiar, some I've never met in my life. I lead Jason and Leo into my old cabin and we sit down into the makeshift living room. I scan my surroundings as Jason and Leo start a conversation. It's good to be back. After a while of catching up with Leo and going around camp to see old friends, the dinner horn sounds. We enter the dining pavilion and I spot some familiar faces. Hazel and Frank come up to us and greet us with smiling faces. I give them both a hug and Jason does them same. We all sit at my table after we've scarped some of our food off into the brazier. We're kind of breaking camp rules by everyone sitting at my table, but that's okay. Who hasn't broken camp rules before?

Dinner goes by with a lot of laughs and catching up with friends. Chiron greets us with a kind smile and we talk to him as well. After dinner we have the bonfire. Jason and I sit together and the Apollo kids rock out with campfire songs. I hear Jason and Leo whisper together but it all becomes slurred when I fall asleep in Jason's arms.

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