teasing is just part of the fun

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mila <3: bitch where tf were u last night??? i was in the middle of a threesome with these actors when i got ur text that u left???? at least tell me u got laid i did promise josie ;)

carmen couldn't stop her running mind. thoughts were scattered, her eyes wide as she lay in bed remembering the night before.

luke hemmings.

the luke hemmings. playboy billionaire, he was plastered on every teen girl's bedroom walls. including her sister's. his escapades with women were talked about in every magazine, commenting on his daily one stands. was that what she was? one of his one night stands?

whatever she was to him, carmen wanted nothing to do with it. she hated the hollywood life and everyone who lived it.

carmen turned over in her bed. none of these thoughts were helping right now. she hadn't slept the entire night, she was wide awake and still thinking of the night before.

distantly, she heard her doorbell ring throughout her tiny apartment and decided it was just the mailman. ignoring it, she drowned in her thoughts instead.

he had been voted people magazine's sexiest man alive. she only knew this because joslyn had practically died when it happened. oh god, her sister joslyn. what would carmen tell her? nothing, she decided. she would tell her baby sister nothing of that night.

she heard the doorbell ring again before the sound of pounding feet rang thought out the apartment until it stopped at her bedroom door.

"carmen diana sterling! i swear to god, if you don't get that door right now, i won't hesitate to kill!" speak of the devil, joslyn pounced in her room fuming, still modeling pink curlers wrapped in her dark hair, a green face mask and her headgear. carmen couldn't help but laugh at the sight. "it is 8 am on saturday! i should be getting my beauty sleep not listening to that wretched doorbell ring over and over!"

carmen day up in her bed, her hand covering the smile on her face. she cleared her throat. "and why couldn't you get the door?"

"how dare you ask!" joslyn gasped. "not only do i look like a chupacabra right now, but i am also sixteen. what if a murderer was behind that door? you are twenty one, you've lived your life, i still have a few cherished years left!"

"oh my god, fine." carmen rolled out of the bed, fixing her appearance of a baggy sleep shirt and black panties. "it's probably just the mailman."

"thank you! now, if you don't mind, i will continue my beauty sleep." joslyn exclaimed, moving back to her sacred bedroom.

carmen sighed, opening the door. bright sun blinded her, and she squinted at the figure in front of her. the figure was tall, and wearing dark clothing. it's mouth opened and a deep voice erupted. "hello, carmen sterling."

her jaw fell open just as soon as her eyes adjusted to the light and could finally make out that luke hemmings was standing in front of her, smirking. the same man who had just inhabited her thought mere minutes before.

after gazing up at him in shock for a few seconds, carmen ran back into her apartment, slamming the door shut. her breathing fractured and she was left panting, fighting the overwhelming urge to open her door and her legs to the billionaire.

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