Close Encounters

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As I walked over to my assigned seat, the whole class' eyes remained glued to me. Whispers still carried on, commenting on my hair, outfit and past. I sat down uncomfortably and began to observe the classroom around me. Of course, there were your general stereotypes. The most prominent type was the "Popular girls". Expensive bags adorned their skinny arms, their hands equivalent to that of dolls. Their porcelain skin was smeared with fake tan, leaving streaks in its wake. They glared at me from the corner, giggling behind their tiny hands. "They're gonna be fun." I thought, rolling my eyes.

The door opened, piercing through the class' trance about me. Their heads whipped around. A woman stood in the doorway and smiled at me. "Oh no." I whispered, not letting anyone hear me. She was around the same age as Miss Stevens but more beautiful than her. Her skin wasn't chocolate, maybe it is midnight. When the light hits it, she is obsidian in the flesh. There wasn't any flaws in her at all. She was perfect in my eyes. The only problem was that she was my observer.

Kelly smiled at Miss Stevens, her perfect smile radiating a brilliant white. "Hello Miss. I called you this morning about Aurora. I will be her observer." Whispers grew as their heads returned towards to me. "She's got a carer? That's rough." I stared at the corner where the girls were and one caught my attention. She had blue eyes and light hair. "Oh my God! She's like her babysitter!" She squealed, her voice cutting through the background noise of whispers. Everyone went quiet. That's when the comments stopped.

The registration went smoothly compared to the previous events, my name being at the end of the register. I could still sense the girl's eyes on me, her sapphire orbs burning my side. Sally tried to speak to me from the seat next to me, noticing my agitation. I shrugged it off. In some sense I was being taking care of by her. I sighed at the thought.

The class was eager to get out of the classroom as they started to pack their things early. I realised that I had to endure the barrage of questions once the bell had officially rung. As if on cue, the bell echoed through the empty halls and the majority of class stormed towards me. In a couple of seconds, a crowd of students hovered over my desk and started shouted questions.

"Hey! Did you lose your memory?"
"What happened?"
"Where are those scars?"

I smirked. "So they know about that, huh?" Soon enough, the questions all merged into a slurred cluster of words and sounds. I tried looking for the girl through the sea of people. All I caught was glimpse of her staring at me from her corner, her thin eyebrows furrowed in annoyance.

Once the questions died down since I wasn't going to answer them, I sighed in relief and stood up from my seat. Kelly followed me as I walked towards the door. I caught Miss Stevens eyes and she smiled at me. In return, I stuck a fake smile on my mouth and looked at her. My grin faded as soon as I faced away. "I don't want people feeling bad for me; its pathetic."

My lessons went surprisingly well considering the staring and skill level. I even surprised myself at how well I could keep up with class and the subject matter. The teachers were informed about me and decided to keep an eye out. I was used to it so I wasn't too phased and distracted. As a normal person, you would be nervous when everyone is staring at you constantly.

Once the bell rung, the class rushed to get out of the building, their bags hardly on their backs as they ran through the doors. Kelly closed her file once she finished her notes about my progress and ended her shift, calmly walking towards the door. It was just me within the classroom and the girls that sat in the corner. They giggled like 5 year olds and slowly began to annoy me.

The blond girl rose from her seat, her eyes fixed on mine. She casually strode towards me, the other girls following behind her. Once she reached my desk, she craned her head down to face me. "So, you're the one who lost your memory. I hardly believe that. Like anyone would believe that!" She scoffed as she got closer to my face. "You're lying. You're a liar! You did it because you want attention!" She spat, saliva collecting on my face. She laughed hysterically as her other friends joined her. I wasn't scared of them, it was the complete opposite. I hadn't understood the whole conversation but I knew that it was bad. Kelly peered through the glass in my peripheral vision.

I didn't know what it was at the time but it felt like my body felt a thousand times stronger than it was. My mind had cleared and all I could only focus on was the girls, especially in the one in the middle. Soon enough, a strange feeling took over me. Anger.

Looking sternly in their eyes, my face showed no emotion. I stood up from my chair and approached her. The girl and her friends tried to retreat but they were frozen. A gasp escaped from the blond's lips. I could feel her body heat as I towered over her like a giant. I stared coldly at her, my icy eyes piercing hers. Every word I spoke was dipped in poison and no emotion.

"What happened to me was real and if you want to experience it for yourself..."

I bent my knuckles with an ear splitting crack, its sound cutting through the silence. Her lip quivered slightly as her friends stepped in between the tight gap. "Now if you excuse me, I will be returning home." I exclaimed like nothing ever happened. Taking my bags with me, I left.

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