anothers authors note

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Hey guys it's me.

I'm done really I don't know what to do anymore. I've lost my inspiration to write stories, and draw.

And I'm done pretending that everything is fine cause everything is not fine and I figured I'd tell you guys before I leave for a while to regain my inspiration I'll still respond to messages though and that's gonna be it.

My parents or my dad is getting annoying and it getting to me all my parents want from me is to draw female for them freaking female why not male why not both it's like that's all they care about it's anmoying.

My dad call anime junk but they don't understand the meaning of anything they think they know me but they don't certain things affect me but will I ever speak up no I can only show my pain in stories, music, and art but they don't thing any of it.

What I paint and draw makes a story it not just some dumb painting.

And I can't be open with them in fear their gonna turn agianst me my parents are both homophobic so I try to keep my love for gays secret I posted something on Instagram about being bi it was a drawing of my mascot wearing a LGBT flag and my dad immediatly just randomly assumed I was gay but that's not it.

I know my problems are stupid and theirs others who are dealing with worse problems to me but I just thought I'd type this up anyway.

Thanks for reading.

Might update this book in June something I don't know bye.


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