28. Room 416

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Although I would’ve missed it anyway, since I’m not a teenage boy . . .
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       September 14th
       Agents R. Harris and A. Peterson disable the jamming field that compromised their connection to Special Operations’ Headquarters.

       28. Room 416
September 14th

“Can you type any faster?” I mumble over Alex’s shoulder.

       Alex pauses to glance back at me. “Yes,” he says, “I could. But typing faster will only increase the amount of typos I’ll make, not help me attempt to find the signal.”

       I sigh, standing up so I can continue pacing. I avoid the small black square table in the center of the room and let my eyes wander around. The bed is king-sized and neatly made, and there are two one-seated couches on either side of the black table in the middle. The chandelier above us is massive and extremely bright, lighting up the tan walls that surround us.

      A new wave of thoughts enters my head.

      Alex and I are going to have to find a way to speed up the process. It’s taking too long. It is likely that we’ll either be discovered here, or that we’ll return to Smile way too late for Justin and Pete’s cover story to count as our alibi.

       “You guys are running out of time,” says Jez.

       I look over at her. Her highlighted curls shine brightly as they cascade down her back, and it reminds me of what my hair used to look like before I dyed it a dark brown for the mission. She stands at half her height, bent over, sticking her head into the mini-fridge in the hotel suite.

       “Really,” responds Alex, his eyes on the laptop screen. “Didn’t know that before. Thanks for pointing that out.”

       Jez ignores his sarcasm and continues scouring the fridge. “Next time, you guys should pick a hotel suite with chocolate in it.”

       I stop pacing. “Next time,” I tell her, “you should get your own hotel suite.” I glance over at Alex, and he tears his eyes away from the screen to smirk back at me, and then I realize how that sounded.

       Jez closes the fridge door, winking at me. “I plan on it.” She turns to Alex, who has already resumed typing. “Pinpoint the origin yet?”

       “I’m trying. Whoever’s trying to get rid of our connection to HQ has a lot of experience with this sort of thing. And some pretty heavy equipment.”

       “Equipment,” I repeat, turning to him. I stare at the back of Alex’s head as he nods. “That would include a main hard drive of some sort, right?”

       “Yeah,” he answers.

       I start to think fast, listening to the sounds of his fingers hitting the buttons on the keyboard. Even when we find the room all this equipment is in, we still don’t know what else we’ll find in there. Or who else.

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