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on the second day I bought her a flower, SHe was more beautiful than any person id see.

I pushed her on bed and started kissing her.. I took off her shirt and trew it somewhere and she was really shy
now take off my shirt ... she just looked at me with soft innocent look and she took off my shirt.
I started leaving kissing trails from her neck down to her stomach...I could smell her rose scent that was such a turn on...I wanted her so bad
i went back to his neck
Ah~ ... Moonbyul let a soft moan ...when i heard that i just smirked and started sucking on that spot making her moan more.
Her moans were so sweet and free which i liked a lot ... There i left a mark... and looked back at her

Moonbyuls pov

SHe came with a single red rose and pushed me down on bed...My heart started beating so fast... She started kissing me and then she took off my shirt
I was so shook what is happening now...Is she really doing this .
Then she told me to take off her shirt tbh i wasn't sure if she was for real but i did it...My hands were so shaky...Now her shoulders were exposed her clear milky skin and her dark long hair and her collarbones looked amazing in that light...SHe was shining in the dark
she started leaving kissing trails from my neck down to my stomach and back to my neck finding my sweet spot that made me moan
Oh no i hope she didn't hear that...i looked back at her and i saw her smirking and continuing kissing and sucking that spot...I could feel her tongue swirling around on that spot...Making me moan more...Then i felt her leaving a mark there...That mark.

She looked back at me and said
Tomorrow ill take you to a place where the wild roses grow ...So sweet and free


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