Crescent Island Part 1

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Even though the sun had just set, the chief and the village gave us all the supplies we needed in half an hour. It was starting to grow dark but it would be best to leave for the Fire temple as soon as possible.

"We can't loose you to the fire nation. I can't loose you." I was holding a huge stack of blankets and food, the last of the supplies, when I walked into a small disagreement between Aang, katara and Sokka.

"but I have to talk to Roku before the the end of the solstice."

"if you're going, then we all are." Sokka said with his arms crossed. "you don't get do something cool and reckless without us." I dumped the supplies into appas saddle and jumped onto pepers head. "Well can we go already?" I called as I grasped the reins.

After the final thankyous to the village and the chief, we were off to the fire nation. It was so boring. Aang and I had the advantage of jumping from appa to Peper, but in the end we mostly just sat in the saddle. Sokka had Momo to tease around but he even got bored. We watched the sun slowly rise as we were flying over the ocean. We still had half the journey left, but no matter how many times we whispered support to the Bison and pulled on the reins, they wouldn't go any faster. I couldn't blame them though, especially appa who had to carry all the supplies plus three people and a lemur.

After another period of flying we had trouble. "Guys, look!" katara pointed below us. we all peered down and saw a large metal fire nation ship. "Its gaining!" Sokka panicked. I jumped over to Pepers head and grasped the ropes. I turned back to look at the ship again and saw it starting to launch something. "Fire ball!" I yelled and ran to the start of Pepers tail. I saw Aang do the same with his staff. I realised that mine was on appa but the Fire thing was quickly approaching. I didn't have time to get it so while Aang spun his staff to create a blast of air, I pushed my hands out in front of me.

"Can't we go faster!" Sokka yelled and i jumped back onto Pepers head. "uh oh." I said as I looked down at the blockade quickly approaching.

"We can head north and go around." Aang said. "that's too long." katara argued. She stood up and walked towards Aang. "Let's just go through it." Sokka shrugged. Sat ontop of peppers head i grasped the ropes once again. "that's too dangerous!" Aang cried, frustrated. "this is exactly why I didn't want you to come!"
"this is exactly why we're here!"  katara exclaimed, equally frustrated.

I stared down at the blockade and grew nervous. "Guys, I hate to interrupt but you need to come to a decision." I called over. "Around or through?" after a moment of silence, I heard Aang yell "through!" and we shot up into the clouds. The blockade wasn't as stupid as we thought as they spotted the two shadows and started shooting ten fireballs at a time at us.

There was a lot of close calls as I tried to steer Peper and block us from danger. My heart jumped out of my chest a couple times but we finally made it over in one piece. I let out a deep breath and started to laugh. "we made it!" I said through breaths. "were in the Fire nation!"

Our victory was short lived as the journey kept going. The only thing that was still visible was the blue ocean. I would glance over every so often and see the crew on appa fall asleep. I felt bad for Peper, so i stayed awake to keep her company. "all of this trouble, so Aang can find out something I already know?" I grumbled into pepers ear. I was lying like a star fish on my stomach. "being an incarnation sucks. I can't even earth bend or water bend or any other bend! All I can do is talk to ghosts."

I sat up and paused. I never actually thought about Niho. He was so confused when I spoke to him and I didn't know why. I considered meditating then and there but I heard Aang yell "there it is!" as he pointed to a crescent shaped island with a volcano in the middle. "this is the place Roku's dragon took me!"

We flew in closer, Peper and Appa eager to hit the ground, and stared at a huge temple at the foot of the volcano. I tried to steer Peper but she crashed with a loud thud onto the ground and skidded to a halt. "good girl, Pepper!" I said, jumping down and hugging her face. She roared tiredly and began to snore very loudly. "you must be tired." Katara said, rubbing appa a tummy. "no, actually, I feel pretty good." I turned and saw Sokka stretching and jogging on the spot. "I was talking to appa." katara said with a smile and Sokkas mouth opened. "well, I, was talking to Momo!"

"weird. I don't see any guards." Sokka rubbed his chin and examined the temple. "it must of been abandoned when Avatar Roku died." katara said wisely and started to walk forward. We reached the entrance but came to a sudden stop. "what are you waiting for?" Aang whined. "it's almost sundown!" katara put her finger to her lips and cautiously moved forward. "I think I heard something." we kept walking through big long corridors until we couldnt see the light from the door. We were walking when the hairs on my neck stood on end. I swirled backwards with my arms outstretched and ready to fight.

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