Ch.1: Welcome To The Nightmare

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No.... no, no, no...

It's all wrong. Everything is wrong.

There's so much blood, everywhere, anywhere. Disgusting.

Glistening crimson in the pale nighttime glow, it's so ominous. She watches that deranged smile on his face as he approaches her, lifting his knife, the source of the blood.

Drip, drip, drip, goes the dark liquid across the floor. It paints a mosaic of grotesque beauty along the wood.

Her heart... is it still beating?

From within her nightmare, she continues to watch the same thing happen again, and again, and again.

The pool of blood along the kitchen floor, the lifelessness of the mutilated body resting motionless underneath someone else viciously maiming it over and over—

The laughter, ringing out, hurting her ears, and driving her mind to insanity.



Slowly, with confusion, the young girl draws herself back to consciousness. As her soft blue eyes take in her surroundings, questions begin to arise.

She sits, alone, in a moonlit room. The chair underneath her is hard, made of weak wood that slightly wobbles when she shifts. The room is bathed in bright rays from the night sky, and she looks back and forth along the room.

The room is empty save for herself, and another emptied chair across from her. As she inspects the remainder of the room, she notices a few security cameras in the right and left corners of the back of the room, tiny blinking red lights making them obvious in the still barrenness.

Where... is this?

The thought nearly shocks her. The more she thinks about that question, the more her head spins. As she tries to wrack her brain, searching for clues on where she might be or what's even going on, she comes to the unnerving realization that she can't recall anything at all. The only thing that comes to mind is her name.

I'm... My name is Rachel Gardner. But why can't I recall anything else?

I must have... lost my memories...

Somehow, as frightening as the conclusion is, she's a bit calmer about it than she expects.

Well, I should see if I can find any clues around here. Nodding to herself, she lifts herself from the chair, finding herself to be relatively stronger than she first thought. She doesn't seem to be hurt at all, thankfully.

She glances behind her, and finds a wide window there to greet her. A large, blue full moon graces the view, filling her vision with its glow. Something about it feels strange, unnatural- it makes her question if it's even real.

A blue full moon... is it night, then?

Another memory begins to resurface, and her eyes narrow in thought, fingers gently gripping her dark handbag reflexively.

That's right, I- I think I was in a... a hospital. I'm pretty sure I was in a medical examination room.

Tilting her head, her lips press together in a tight line. A nagging worry pokes at her mind, and she lets out a short exhale, bracing herself.

...Anyway, I have to find mom and dad. Maybe they're here somewhere? Could this place be another part of the hospital?

Ray starts to the exit, and the sound of her own footsteps echoes throughout, breaking the silence that had been somewhat bothering her.

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